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2021-Global promotion for green tea


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Global promotion for green tea open
in Beijing, China

Green tea initiative, jointly launched by global tea makers, set off at 10 a.m. on March 20, 2021, in Beijing, China.

Initiative: good green tea, there will be a good market! Good green tea will bring good health!

Theme: global promotion - let the world love Chinese tea! MUST HAVE TEA FROM CHINA

Positioning: build a new platform for global tea industry cooperation for the future!

Service: serve tea producing area, create a new export base for the world; serve tea enterprises and open up new markets for the world; serve global tea enterprises and promote extensive cooperation between Chinese tea enterprises and world tea enterprises.

Objective: to serve 100 tea producing areas; to serve 1000 tea enterprises; to link 100 national tea makers around the world.

The whole activity is divided into six parts:

1. Started on March 20, 2021.
2. global (Online + offline) order meeting.
3. good green tea capital community travel and special sample viewing and ordering meeting.
4. precision docking meeting of international buyers.
5. promote cooperation between the international tea manufacturers' Union.
6. awards for the event.

The participants in the ceremony include representatives of international organizations, experts in tea industry of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, representatives of tea producing regions, representatives of tea chamber of Commerce, representatives of tea merchants, representatives of tea purchasers and tea lovers of Beijing Municipality jointly witnessed the launch of "good green tea action".

Canada, Spain, the United States, Italy, Russia, Nigeria and other countries participate in the promotion at the same time.

"Good green tea action" will use the global new financial media platform to spread to the world.

How about the“ good” of the green tea?

Chinese tea man share their knowledge of "good green tea"

On March 20, 2021, when the "good green tea action" set out in Beijing, the capital of China, representatives of the Chinese tea industry, experts from government departments, import and export tea purchasers, international traders and social tea lovers discussed their own views on the "good" of good green tea.







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