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Seminar on Rural Revitalization and rural brand building held in Beijing

In order to implement the spirit of the 2021 central document, the law of rural brand construction has been explored, and the brand building of local villages has been better served. The Rural Revitalization development research platform and the brand China Strategic Planning Institute and other institutions have held a seminar on Rural Revitalization and brand building in Beijing.

We believe that at present, Rural Revitalization has entered the development stage of rural construction, which is the best opportunity for rural brand building. To build a new pattern of dual cycle development, we need high-quality development, participate in international competition, promote the development of regional advantages, create rural industrial clusters, and urgently need to shape the rural brand.

It is proposed that in order to do a good job in the construction of rural brand, we need to understand the relevant requirements of Rural Revitalization and development. Rural Revitalization faces two historical backgrounds. "Great changes not seen in a hundred years" and "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation". The country invests a lot in rural areas every year, and the capital of various industries reaches hundreds of billions, which is a great opportunity for all walks of life, such as investment, brand, design creativity and agriculture related industries.

Rural brand building is one of the contents of rural revitalization, which needs rural feelings; agricultural brand needs the organic combination of regional brand, industrial brand and product brand. The brand should be innovative and have a correct understanding of the "truth, goodness and beauty" of the countryside. The countryside is pluralistic and complex, so we can't use industrialization thinking to revitalize the countryside. We should understand the future trend of rural development. One main line, three directions. One main line is to build a new socialist countryside. We should emphasize the party's leadership over the rural areas, develop the new collective economy, organize the farmers and achieve common prosperity. We should grasp three directions: to the direction of rural community development, to the direction of new farmers development, to the direction of regional development. Fourth, the transformation from traditional rural areas to new rural communities; the construction of six new relationships: first, the new urban-rural relationship. The second is the new relationship between workers and peasants. Third, the new relationship between national economy and agricultural development. Fourth, the relationship among government, market and society. Fifth, the relationship between agricultural labor and non-agricultural labor. The sixth is the relationship between rural residents and rural communities.

It is pointed out that there are similarities and differences between rural brand and industrial brand, rural brand and urban brand construction. The construction of rural brand should be organically combined with the revitalization of rural industry and culture. Rural brand construction needs to expand the connotation and extension of rural brand construction, so that rural brand can become a strong support for rural industry and rural product marketization. At the same time, rural brand should become a symbol of rural spirit. Through the rural brand reflects the rural soul.


We all said that we will gather relevant intellectual resources to provide services related to rural brand building for the whole country. At the seminar, experts also discussed the brand building of China's bee industry development. They shared their valuable brand building opinions.

Liu nianyan, a research expert on Rural Revitalization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, Chang Jisheng, Qi Tianji, Zhang Ping, Zhou Wentao, Wang Yong, Bai Boyang, Chen Chen, he Hongbin and Liu Yixuan, experts of China brand 100 forum of brand China Strategic Planning Institute, attended the seminar.






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