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2021-Global promotion for green tea


Global promotion for green tea Proposal

Tea originated in China and prevailed in the world. There are more than 60 tea producing countries in the world, more than 160 countries consume tea, and half of the people drink tea. Tea and tea activities have become the carrier and link of people's health and recreation, social friendship, spiritual purification and cultural dissemination.

Tea is one of the three drinks in the world. Tea is not only the main means of livelihood for millions of poor families in many least developed countries, but also the main source of income and export earnings in some of the poorest countries. It has become an important source of agricultural pillar industry and farmers' income in many countries, especially in developing countries.

Since the 74th UN General Assembly announced the establishment of "international tea day" on November 27, 2019, "international tea day" has gradually become a festival for tea people all over the world, constantly promoting world exchanges, enhancing mutual friendship, and giving full play to the economic, social and cultural value of tea.

In order to better promote friendly exchanges among people of all countries, spread tea culture, and promote the prosperity and development of tea industry, we propose:

1.The governments of all countries should formulate more open policies to encourage the development of tea industry and create a more favorable development environment for the prosperity of tea industry based on the development concept of tea promoting health, tea promoting friendly exchanges and tea driving prosperity.

2.All tea industry enterprises should practice green sustainable development, implement fair trade in tea, shoulder social responsibility, build more equal and reasonable interest mechanism, ensure the interests of tea farmers, and improve the overall level of social development in tea producing areas.

3.All sectors of the society should speed up the cultivation of tea health concept, expand the influence of tea among young people, promote social responsibility consumption, promote tea farmers to become rich through tea consumption, and realize the revitalization of rural areas in tea areas.

4.Tea associations, scientific research institutions and social media in various countries should strengthen the dissemination of tea knowledge on human health. By holding a variety of tea activities, promote exchanges, cultivate consumption, and promote the development of tea industry.

I hereby propose!

May 21, 2021