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2021-Global promotion for green tea


1. Background
There are more than 60 tea producing countries in the world, more than 160 countries consume tea, and half of the people drink tea. Tea and tea activities have been used by people all over the world as the carrier and link of health and recreation, social friendship, purification of the soul and dissemination of culture.

Good green tea, there will be a good market! Good green tea will bring good health! It has become a global consensus.

5.21 "international tea day" is a global tea Festival, which will accelerate the global spread of tea and promote the cooperation of global tea merchants.

MUST HAVE GREEN TEA! 2021 - global promotion of good green tea! The opening of "good green tea" will effectively cooperate with "international tea day" on May 21 and speed up "good green tea will bring good health!" The promotion and dissemination in the world will boost the globalization of China's tea industry and promote the active cooperation of the global tea industry.