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2021-Global promotion for green tea


"One belt and one road" leads China's tea

industry go to world

"One belt and one road" and China tea industry going out
Strategy Symposium held in Beijing

Director Chen Yongqing of CCTV's overseas dissemination made suggestions on tea culture going out. When China's tea industry goes out, top-level design should be done well. We should focus on innovating the works of tea culture, implementing the innovation of tea culture global dissemination, enhancing the status of Hunan TV's tea channel in the global tea dissemination. With the help of national cultural dissemination platform, we can carry out the global dissemination of tea culture with the help of national Confucius. College, promote Luyu tea culture brand. China Tea Culture and Art Week and other activities can be jointly carried out with the embassy. The dissemination of tea products and tea culture should be combined with the dietary consumption of consuming countries.

The counselor of the Russian Embassy also gave a comprehensive introduction to the recent changes in the tea market in Russia. Traditionally, people in Russia drink black tea and use small cups. Modern people like Chinese green tea more and more. Most of them were originally imported to India and Sri Lanka, which are the main producers of black tea. Now more tea merchants are importing to China. It is hoped that Chinese tea enterprises will use this platform to expand cooperation with Russian businessmen. Mr. Ge Zhili also made very good suggestions on how to study the Russian market, how to respond to the new changes in the Russian market and how to play the role of the government.