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The cleanliness for Staple tea
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The Cleanliness for Famous Tea
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Tea machine

Tea Processing Machinery

BT-350cellophane film overwrapping machine BT-400C-Icellophane film overwrapping machine

The Cleanliness for Famous Tea
   The complete set of tea-processing cleanliness for famous tea, which has a wide usage and meets tea-processing technological requirement, fits for processing MaoFeng tea, flat tea (Long Jing tea), ball tea (Bi Luo Chun), Mao Jian tea and strip tea etc, the Producted tea has beautiful color, best fragrance, taste, charming shape, with unify specification and stable quality.
   The motive power of tea machine is electricity, however the energy of attached furnace adopts gas, and others use electricity. We can design and select different energies to meet user's requirement.


Selection principle of production line equipment

The equipment selection of the tea production line is different from the purchase of single machine. It needs to fully consider the development space according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and communicate with the tea machinery production enterprise, order and purchase after professional consultation, feasibility demonstration and process design.

01. Determine the production program of the enterprise

Specify the type or types of tea to be produced, the annual output plan, and the proportion of spring, summer and autumn tea output, and keep the appropriate adjustment range.

02. Determine the target quality of the product

The standards of each type of tea products, especially the quality style, should be clear, whether there are specific quality requirements, and scientific and reasonable tea processing process should be formulated. The process parameters of each processing sequence should be determined as much as possible, such as leaf amount, temperature, time, water loss rate, etc.

03. Determine the basic building conditions of the workshop

The total length and span of the workshop shall be specified. The floor height, bay and depth of the workshop, including the specific positions of beams and columns, shall be specified on the relevant drawings.

04. Determine the supporting facilities of the workshop

The production line has high requirements on water, point, network and other supporting facilities as well as the type and capacity of energy supply. The enterprise shall be equipped with corresponding facilities.

05. Determine the advanced level of the production line

The enterprise shall, according to its own production scale and economic bearing capacity, specify the requirements for improving the quality and efficiency of production equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as the technical requirements for centralized control and Internet remote monitoring, so as to make a reasonable choice among continuous production lines, automatic production lines and intelligent production lines.

Production line display

1、 Black tea production line

2、 Food raw material tea production line

3、 Famous green tea production line

4、 High quality green tea production line

Digital production line for all kinds of tea

>>> Famous green tea digital production line <<<

>>> Anji white tea digital production line <<<



>>>Automatic tea bag production line>>>

>>>Green Tea Processing Machinery Output 200kgs fresh leaf per hour<<<

>>> Tea Processing Machinery






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