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Anji white tea digital production line

This digital production line is applied to the large-scale continuous production of Anji white tea. It is mainly composed of green spreading module, green cleaning module, cooling air selection module, moisture regain module and drying molding module.

Core highlights

Anji white tea is an albino green tea, which is unique in green tea. It is a kind of tea with a high degree of industrialization in initial processing. The production line has compact and reasonable layout, exquisite and beautiful appearance, stable performance and low failure rate; The whole line adopts clean energy (electricity and gas) heating and precise control of heating temperature and other parameters; The dry tea produced is highly standardized, reducing the dependence of tea workers and their experience. The whole line can integrate the central control system, apply the "Internet +" and "cloud platform" technologies, and realize the digital management of a leaf from the tea garden to the tea cup.

Main process flow

Green spreading - green cleaning (ultra high temperature hot air cleaning or continuous green cleaning) - cooling - air selection - moisture recovery - molding - drying


Capacity (fresh leaf processing capacity)

Loading power

Floor area

Number of operators
 70-400kg / h

Electric (300-700kw) gas (50-200kw)

100x15x4.5 (m)


Note: the above data are for reference only, and the details shall be subject to the actual situation.


Introduction to main module:

Continuous cleaning and slitting module: the driving mechanism of the continuous cleaning and slitting machine adopts a double support balance mechanism, which makes the operation more stable and noisy. The tea is cut in the process of killing green, which has good plasticity and is more conducive to forming strips.

Air separation module: the tea leaves are fully contacted with the cold air in the wind box to further cool the tea leaves. At the same time, the principle of distinguishing the weight of the tea leaves according to the wind force can be used to separate the yellow leaves, single leaves and other "auxiliary tea" that are not suitable for processing in the next process.

Drying module: the production line adopts an integrated dryer. The heating device and the drying cabinet are designed in an integrated manner, which saves space, is simple and easy to connect and assemble with other units.

Selection principle of production line equipment

The equipment selection of the tea production line is different from the purchase of single machine. It needs to fully consider the development space according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and communicate with the tea machinery production enterprise, order and purchase after professional consultation, feasibility demonstration and process design.

01. Determine the production program of the enterprise

Specify the type or types of tea to be produced, the annual output plan, and the proportion of spring, summer and autumn tea output, and keep the appropriate adjustment range.

02. Determine the target quality of the product

The standards of each type of tea products, especially the quality style, should be clear, whether there are specific quality requirements, and scientific and reasonable tea processing process should be formulated. The process parameters of each processing sequence should be determined as much as possible, such as leaf amount, temperature, time, water loss rate, etc.

03. Determine the basic building conditions of the workshop

The total length and span of the workshop shall be specified. The floor height, bay and depth of the workshop, including the specific positions of beams and columns, shall be specified on the relevant drawings.

04. Determine the supporting facilities of the workshop

The production line has high requirements on water, point, network and other supporting facilities as well as the type and capacity of energy supply. The enterprise shall be equipped with corresponding facilities.

05. Determine the advanced level of the production line

The enterprise shall, according to its own production scale and economic bearing capacity, specify the requirements for improving the quality and efficiency of production equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as the technical requirements for centralized control and Internet remote monitoring, so as to make a reasonable choice among continuous production lines, automatic production lines and intelligent production lines.







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