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Liu nianyan: a well-known expert in Rural Revitalization of the Ministry of agriculture and an expert in tea industry

Create a new teahouse for a new era facing the future

Editor's note: Boao International Tea House Industry Development Forum and 2021 China tea house industry annual conference were grandly held in Boao, Qionghai City, Hainan Province recently.   The purpose is to respond to the spirit of the national two sessions and the important instructions of the country to comprehensively revive traditional culture, strengthen cultural self-confidence, grasp the pulse of the times, mobilize social forces in teahouses and related industries, carry forward the inheritance and innovation of Chinese tea culture, promote the diversified and integrated development of tea gardens and teahouses, teahouses and cultural and tourism industries, and promote international exchanges in the teahouse industry, We will accelerate the development of Chinese teahouses into stars, standardization, branding and internationalization. How to create a new teahouse facing the future in the new era? We will share the contents of the report of the Rural Revitalization policy research expert of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the tea industry expert, hoping to provide some reference for the development of China's teahouse industry.

The teahouse not only has the accumulation of history, but also has the expectation of the times. How to face the needs of the future society and do a good job in the new teahouse in the new era is not only of great significance to the development of the tea industry, but also of great significance to meet people's expectations for a better life in the new era. It is also an important part of building a healthy China and a harmonious society.

To establish a new teahouse in a new era, we need to understand the current era. What kind of new era are we in?

As we all know, this era is a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics; It is a new era that has not changed in a century; It is a new era for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Starting this year, we will embark on a new journey of building a powerful socialist modern country in an all-round way. Starting from this year, it is also the first year to promote the construction of a new development pattern of double circulation. From the perspective of rural revitalization, it is also a new era for us to enter the Rural Revitalization and comprehensively promote rural construction.

Change and innovation, transformation and development are the themes of this era.

Globalization, intelligence, big data and humanism are the new characteristics of our era.

The new needs of this new era are constantly emerging, and people's lifestyle is accelerating the change. People's new demand for a better life is becoming stronger and stronger. New subjects continue to emerge, new relationships continue to be built, and new needs need to be met. It is strongly called for the creation of a new development pattern, a new development mode and a new development format. This is not only the historical background of the development of China's tea industry, but also the era background of the innovation and development of China's teahouse industry.

Teahouse industry is a traditional tea industry and a new type of tea industry. To expand and strengthen China's teahouse industry, we need to grasp the new opportunities of the new generation and create new achievements in the new era.

1、 To move towards a new era is to create a new life. An important function of the new era is to provide genuine services to meet the needs of the public for a better life. Teahouse is a good carrier for the inheritance and development of Chinese culture. It has a profound historical foundation and is deeply loved by the majority of people. Teahouses in the new era should adapt to the development of the times and become a platform for public leisure, communication, consumption and learning. Let people taste life, learn knowledge, purify their hearts and promote harmony.

2、 To move towards a new era is to create new formats. To meet people's needs for a better life and provide new services to meet the needs of the new era, we need to create a new industrial form, grasp and refine various elements of social life such as "truth, goodness and beauty", promote the integration and innovation of traditional teahouses and other elements, and realize the transformation and upgrading of existing teahouses. The innovation of new business formats promotes the innovation of new teahouse service products, and uses innovative service products to meet the needs of different people for teahouse service products.

3、 To move towards a new era is to create new functions. First, we should give full play to the industrial function of teahouses, innovate teahouse service products, promote the transformation of teahouses from drinking tea to creating diversified service industries based on teahouses. At the same time, we should lead the consumption of tea industry and promote the consumption of tea products; Second, we should give full play to the cultural function of teahouses, promote the dissemination of Chinese traditional culture and the new culture of the times, and create and lead a new culture of leisure, health preservation, convenience, fashion and health that meets the needs of the times; Third, we should give full play to the social function of teahouses, and make teahouses a good place and platform to guide the public to practice a better new life and promote people to experience more happiness by promoting the popular service innovation of teahouses. Fourth, it should be combined with Rural Revitalization and beautiful rural construction to improve the quality of rural life and innovate rural modern social services.

4、 To move towards a new era is to create new markets. It is necessary to transform from general teahouse operation to serving the needs of different groups, from general teahouse service to adapting to the innovation of new consumption mode, face the market demand, and launch theme type, leisure type, fashion type, knowledge learning type, etc., with clear market positioning, distinct service product objects and highlighting different themes. In different forms, give different service connotations, innovate rich and colorful service products to meet different market needs. On this basis, pay attention to the brand construction of teahouse and the management of operation team.

5、 Step into a new era and build a new pattern of teahouse development. The development of teahouse industry in China should implement the opening strategy. Open to the public. Learn from all regions and nationalities. From the lives of different regions and nationalities, from the history of teahouse development and from the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, absorb the beneficial nutrition of life style, and cultivate and create teahouse service elements of the new era. Actively promote international cooperation in teahouses, promote mutual learning between countries, nations, regions and regions, and improve each other in learning from each other. Promote the extension of teahouse services to other business forms and spaces, and strive to fully cover social industries and spaces.

Let the new era teahouse lifestyle extend to the corners of society and let the new era teahouse lifestyle enter the hearts of the public. Let the teahouse lifestyle become an important part of people's yearning for a better life.















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