Model DXDF-40VI High speed intermittent powder packaging machine



Scope of application of the machine:

CTNDXDF-40VI series high-speed intermittent powder packaging machine is suitable for packaging medicine and soft bag automatic packaging machine for powder materials with general or poor fluidity in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. (such as medicinal powder, pollen, tea powder, flour, soybean powder, milk powder, oil tea noodles, Ganoderma lucidum powder and other powder objects).



1. the control power supply of the whole machine is single-phase 220V, 50Hz, and the external decoration of the machine body is made of 304 stainless steel, including each exposed screw. Comply with 3C, EU CE and GMP certification standards.

2. this machine is an intelligent design of mechatronics. It is controlled by PLC, operated by touch screen and driven by servo motor, which makes the mark following more accurate, completely simplifies the traditional mark following mode and is easier to operate and master. The parameters set by the product can be stored. When changing the product type, you only need to call out the data without repeated setting. Control authority can reach three levels (General Manager)

--Production supervisor (operator) is convenient for enterprise management and easy to operate.

3. the paper rack adopts high-strength overall streamlined anti rust plate, which is not easy to deform and pollute materials, and the bag shape will not cause bag misalignment due to large plate deformation.

4. the whole machine adopts servo motor to drive the cutter, sealing system and film walking (3 private server motors in total), with higher accuracy and low noise. The equipment operates more accurately, without chain gear, free of oil injection and maintenance, reducing the later maintenance cost and simple operation.

5. the blanking head can rotate 90 degrees, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. There is no need to disassemble the former, which is convenient for adjusting and metering, reduces the time of bag walking adjustment, improves production efficiency and greatly saves the waste of packaging materials. The utility model solves the malpractice of machine pollution caused by the fixed blanking mechanism in the market when cleaning materials. The quick change joint ensures that the screw rod is easy to disassemble and clean without hanging materials.

6. different from the sealing roller of the circular high-speed machine, the L-shaped integrated sealing block of the new splint high-speed machine belongs to the contact between surfaces. It is separated after a pause for a period of time, the sealing time is prolonged, and it is more adaptable to the packaging materials (such as OPP packaging materials that are not resistant to high temperature). The contact of the circular sealing roller is a line. Therefore, the circular sealing roller has higher requirements for packaging materials.

7. the electrical terminal components are domestic and international first-line brands, stable and reliable, with clear marks and clear arrangement. The inside and outside of the wiring system are separated and do not affect each other. In case of maintenance, there is no need to conduct overall troubleshooting, but only deal with the problems separately, which is more convenient for daily equipment maintenance.

8. the cutter can fine tune the amount through the external adjustment mechanism without stopping the machine, which greatly saves time and waste of packaging materials. Double cutters can realize n-pack everything, which is controlled by servo motor.

9. the whole machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, accurate action, low noise, high degree of automation, maintenance free, flat and beautiful packaging bag.

10. The straight screw design makes the screw rod extend directly above the sealing position, and the sealing process is completed without waiting for the material to rebound. Make the packing bag beautiful and generous without material inclusion.


Technical data

Max Capacity 70-100 bags / min
(take flour as an example, according to material characteristics and loading capacity)
Bag size Length (L) 50-120mm / width (W) 40-90mm
Max Filling range 0.25g-20g
Sealing form Three-side seal
Power 220V,50HZ,2.5KW
Weight 450 kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 1100*1000*2300mm




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