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Green Tea rich in Se

What is a selenium, why does the human body lack  selenium?

In 1973, United Nations health organization first declare(In 1996 again assured):Selenium was essential microelement that person and animal life activity  indispensably need."

Selenium was found by Berzelua, chemist in Sweden It got its name from the Greece moon fairy , its sign is Se, its ordinal number is 34 in the chemistry periodic table, lie between the arsenic and the bromine.In our country there are  72% regions belong to regions which were internationally generally acceptedly lack selenium,since the natural environment is short of selenium,so food and natural plant contain low selenium, the human body can't synthesize selenium, and selenium run off continuously  while person defend disease ,thus  causes to selenium absent.

The physiology performance of lack of selenium

We have already known that the selenium is a kind of microelement that human body need, but if lack of selenium ,how about human body?

  About 60 years ago, people found a vagarious desease in Keshan county,Heilongjiang province.The patient's complexion is pale, the brothers is ice-cold, spirit is short, vomit etc..The death rate is high, so the desease is called KESHAN disease because people do not knoe the cause of this desease.Afterwards, research indicates that animals in the aeras which have KESHAN disease have white muscle disease, but white muscle disease can use selenium treatment.Therefore under the instruction of correlative department, test was taken using selenium ,the effect is very obvious. reason of KESHAN disease is short of selenium.

  Big joints disease:The performance is tnat there are many bad dead spots in the sufferer's cartilage organization , bone is badly abnormality, knuckle is crassitude.Afterwards through research, people also get conclusion:Similar to the reason of KESHAN disease, Being short of selenium is main reason of big joints disease. 

Characteristic of Green tea rich in Se:

  1 strong  anti- oxidization ability, it can clear pollution toxin in water, the overnight tea can be drunk.

  2it can drunk while warm,cool and ice cold, this tea is bitter but not acerb.

  3the function of soothing the nerves, people will not suffer from insomnia after drinking this tea.

  4、the stomach will not be sour after drinking this tea.                                              

Methods of drinking

Using 80-90 ℃ water and steeping 3-5 minutes. quantity for each day is unlimited.If stool and stale increase in front period,it is phenomeno of elimination of will be normal after 2-3 daysl, then people can continue to drink the tea.the best is to steep the tea in evening and drink 2-3 cups cool tea when stomach is empty in next morning .





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