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Powder Tea and Wild Tea

How to drink the single wild growth tea?

1. As the way of drinking common tea, soak the wild tea by hot water.

2. It is the best for us to drink with kinds mixed soak.

3. Soak 3-5 cups one time.


How to drink the powder wild growth tea

1. Eat directly.

2. Soak it with hot water or cool water, and then drink directly.

3. Drink with the fruit juice or milk, the effect will be best.

4. 35 cup one day.

YIYUAN micro tea powder for your health

Recently, Chinese tea group has developed the following kinds of micro tea powder: papaya micro tea powder, maoyanmei micro powder, jiaogulan micro tea powder, Kudzu root micro tea powder, Ganoderma lucidum micro tea powder, Tuckahoe micro tea powder, Jew's-ear micro tea powder, polyphones.





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