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Powder Tea and Wild Tea

It is better to eat tea powder than to soak and drink tea

1. Disburden to eat: GOLDEN TEA is natural, organic, wild growth, so you can eat any time.

2. Convenience to eat: you can eat GOLDEN TEA wherever, with whatever hot water or cool water.

3. Directness to eat: to eat directly and then drink water.

4. Other things following to eat: eating accompany with sour milk, fruit juice, wild honey, the effect will be better.

Change the way to drink tea, try more kinds of tea mixed soak.

1.integrate35 kinds of tea mixed soak each time.

2.integerRoot, stalk, leaf, flower, fruit mixed soak.

3.alternateAlternate the kind frequently.

Wild growth is better than cultivation.

1. Rich in microelements.

2. Recruit the elements for the body.

3. Organic, no pollution.

4. Grow in the high mountain for many years, they have specially functions for the body.





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