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to cooperate to establish the Chinese tea sales center all over the world

The more products for you, please to visit here! The arrangement to apply for establishing the sales center of CTN in your country
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How will the importer do? How will the exporter do?
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 pay attention, please:

1. About the minimum delivery quantity: USD 4000,each time.

2.  10days(work day) delivery after we have received all payments or the L/C opened by you.

3. our company is a export tea company. now we export 10 countries. In china If the company want to export tea, he must have the licensee opened by the government. 

3.  We can arrange the shipment by air or shipments  from China to your country .

What are the procession in & export tea?

1.  We will make the list according to your needs and order for you and send to you.

2.  You will amendment the list and send us as soon as possible.

3.  We will make the performer invoice for you according to the list to have been amendment by you.

4.   We must signature on the performer invoice and send it to our company in FAX.

5.   We will apply for the plan of tea export  from our government.

6.  You will open the L/C for our company. if the total is not enough USD4000 each time, we cannot accept the L/C, only by T/T.

7.   We will delivery the tea  for you in 5-10 days.

What are  goal of ours  and how to help to promote the tea market?

The best way to cooperate with CTN are as follows:

    1.If you are a traditional tea company

   you should have a new choice of tea supplier to supply the new tea for you. and change the traditional tea such as:9375 and so on. there are so many new teas for world market. such as :Green tea Oolong tea healthy tea purer tea jasmine tea and so on.

    2.you should have a choice of establishing the sales center of Chinese tea of CTN.. 

  you will be empowered to use the " sales center of Chinese tea of CTN"It is very important for you to tea business, CTN will help the customer to open the tea market. such as offer some samples of tea each time, establishing the website for the customers and put on the website :www.teanet.com.cn.we will construct the website as your needs, such as adding the pictures and promotions of tea and so on.

    3.to take promotions for the customers to open the market.

If you have any needs of Chinese tea and other products, please to tell us .


http://www.teanet.com.cn  E-mail: sales@teanet.com.cn

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