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  ITCC Application NOTICE


Application NOTICE

ITCC Application Form


    ITCC (International Tea Chamber of Commercial) is a organization, which be established by the tea men all over the world The purpose the ITCC it to let the Tea men (known or unknown) will freely interchange, no matter nation Area color of skin religion, and cooperate well. 

  I Joining Enterprise

The Enterprise and individual (include companiesTea FactoryGovernmentTea Institute/UnionTea Organization etc) who wants to do business on tea products.

II Joining Notice

1Appling: The Applicant should, by TelFaxletterEmail, apply to the Contact Office of ITCC in your country (or directly apply to Member Department of ITCC). And the Applicant also need supply the brief introduction ( NameBrief IntroductionContact and so on) to ITCC.

 2Checking: The applicant need fill with the ITCC Requisition, which would be checked by Member Department of ITCC.

3Paying the Member expense to ITCC.

After receipt the ITCC Requisition and Member expense, ITCC will Member Certificate

    IIIMember Expense: USD300/Person or Enterprise/Year

   IV Treatment of Member.

l       Supply an Exhibition Stall in the Exhibition Hall of GTPC to display the member company and their tea products.

l   The Member will be given a password in registration Station of www.teanet.com.cn to publish information. The time is One Year

l        ITCC will supply a appropriative website in www.teanet.com.cn for the Member to publish information and make the website themselves (can involved pictures) The time is One Year.

l         ITCC will publish information for the Member for free in Global Tea Information

l       ITCC will also supply the Global Tea Information to each Member for free.

l        GTPC  will purchase tea preferentially from the Members, for selling to the world.

l   Member will be treat as Appointed supplier of GTPC and display Member Company on GTPC Appointed Supplier  on the English version of our website: www.teanet.com.cn

l ITCC will nonscheduled to publish the Member and products Information to the tea men all over the world.

l         The Member will be gave 15% discount for many kinds of service on the Annual International Tea Fair hold by ITCC.

l        The Member can do e-business in www.teanet.com.cn for free.  



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