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        Tea is a natural and health drink. Modern research indicates that tea contents lots of nutrients that help to build up good health.

        (1) Tea can refresh and help you work efficiency.
Tea is a true stimulant, because of the caffeine it contains. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and blood circulation. It helps muscles relax and influence the metabolic process of all body cells. Tea also has an effort of blood vessel dilation and prevent from the cardiovascular and coronary diseases. Tea is used to cure angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. In clinics, tea is used to cure cold and headache with no side effects. Caffeine is also contained in Aspirin tablets.

        (2) Tea is a thirst quencher and aid of digestion
In summer time, we’ll feel comfortable when we drink a cup of tea. This must attribute to the Polyphones, carbohydrates amino acid, etc. contained in tea that react chemically with the saliva to result in dispersing the excessive body heat and purging toxin, promoting the waste disposal of the body. Metabolism keeps balance after drinking tea.

        Tea could be used as a mouth cleaner. One might feel thirsty and bitter taste when you get up early in the morning. A cup of morning tea will clear mouth odor and promote your appetite.

        Tea also provides iodine and fluoride. Iodine plays an important role in preventing hyperthyroidism. Fluoride is an ingredient of bone, teeth, hair and nails. Ten grams of tea used for making tea beverage every day are enough to meet the need of fluoride for human being and to prevent tooth decay.

        After a heavy meal, a cup of strong tea will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion food.

        The vitamin groups such as inositol, folio acid, pantothenic acid etc. and compounds as methionine; thenylcyoteine, cholive, etc. contained in tea contribute to promote the fat metabolism.

        Aromatic substances contained in tea also aid to digestion of food and disperse unpleasant mouth odor since fat can be dissolved in aromatic substances. That’s why tea is indispensable to the nationalities who take meat and butter as their staple food.

        (3) Tea helps to disinfect and alleviate inflammation; helps urine output and purge toxin.
Polyphones can kill the colon bacillus, typhoid and cholera, etc. by solidifying their protein contained in those bacteria. Folk remedies prevailing in China showed that a cup of strong tea is good for curing the bacillary dysentery, applying for external wounds; dispersing toxin and inflammation. The patent drugs using tea as raw materials are good for dysentery and cold.

        Polyphones can be used to purify water by decomposing the aluminum, zinc and alkaloid contained in water.

        Tea is known for its efficaciousness in combating alcoholism and nicotine. When one is heavy drunken, one or two cups of strong tea will help to dispose all the unnecessary things out of you by neutralization alcohol with caffeine and Polyphones.

        Nicotine contained in cigarettes enters into human body when one smokes. Most heavy smokers use tea to alleviate harm. That’s why most cigarette smokers savor tea.

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