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Black tea
Green tea
Yellow tea
White tea
Oolong tea
Pu'er tea
Golden tea & Fu tea and dark tea
Jasmine tea
Fu tea and dark tea
Hei Cha
Blooming tea
Gunpowder tea  
Mee tea
Flower healthy herbs tea
Wild growth tea & herb tea
Glass ware & glass tea things
Jin De Zhen tea things
Tea pot and cup
Tea things
Coffee maker  
Tea furnishings
Cha gao/Tea cream
Healthy tea
Instant tea, micro tea Powder &Tea Polyphones
Fruit tea
Tea Polyphenol Salubrity Capsule
Tea oil
Tea wine
Tea extract
Health Combination
Flavor and fragrance
Tea machine
Tea bag paper
tea box and tea package  
High tech for tea garden
Machiney&equipment for supermarket
Chrysanthemum Tea
Buckwheat Tea / Ku Qiao Tea
Zao ya tea
Sweet tea
Jiao gu lan tea
jin yin hua tea
gou qi tea
sang ye tea
mao yan mei tea
xiang ju tea


China Hunan embroidery


Notice 2017:How To Import Chinese Tea From China
Yiyuan machine export to Sri Lanka
China tea export to Spain
Tea bag machine export to Sri Lanka
Tea bag machine export to Bangladesh
Cooperation With Nigeria
Cooperation With Mexcoo
Cooperation With Indian
Cooperation With Africa
Cooperation Projects of China Tea Group in 2016
Cooperation Request of China Tea Group in 2016

2016 China Organic Green Tea Festival



How to import Chinese tea from us

Cooperation on Chinese tea sales

Certificate of Organic teas

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How do you establish the Chinese tea sales center in your city with CTN? 

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Tea federation of China

The CTN-tea fair to promoting tea market 

How to Cooperate with CTN

How to import Chinese Tea from CTN?
How to improve your traditional products with the modern tea and correlate machines?
How to open up new manage channel such as tea bar and tea house with CTN?
How to extend traditonal products to CTN?
How to establish CTN sales center in locally?
How to develop the new ground with CTN?
How to import Chinese tea from China   How to export tea to China!
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»How to import Chinese tea?
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Jiao Gu Lan Tea

The bark of eucommia

lotus leaf / He Ye tea


Green Tea

Red Tea (Black Tea )

White Tea

Yellow Tea

Dark Tea (Pu-erh Tea)

Oolong Tea

» I am only for personal consumption, how to import tea from CTN?
» For small shop, how to import from CTN?
» I am a new food company which want to exploit the tea market, how to import from CTN?
» I am meeting new challenges, and want to exploit new project of Chinese tea, how to do?
» I want the package printed with our own design, how to do?
» I want to import tea machine or packing equipment, how to do?
» I am a tea manufacturer, and want to expand the sales through CTN, how to do?
» I want to go to CTN for a commercial visit, how to do?
» I want to be the agency of CTN in my country, how to do?
» I want combining purchase, how to do it?
» How to get our samples?
I want set up sales center of CTN LOOK FOR PRICE  

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Pu er cha gao

Blooming tea

Glass tea things

Longjing tea

Golden silk Chrysanthemum

xiang ju tea

Golden Tea

Hei Cha

Zao ya tea

Jin yin hua tea

Black tea

Jin dezhen pots

Sweet tea

Buckwheat Tea

pu'er tea

Elegant tea cup

Jasmine tea

China tea pot

Tea oil

tea powder
Tea caddy
Tea bag machine Tea filter paper China Hunan embroidery CoffeeMachine  

 Chinese tea price list of CTN

Black tea Blooming tea Brick tea Flavored tea
Flower&herb tea Fruit tea Green tea Golden tea
Gun powder tea Healthy tea Instant tea Jasmine tea
Oolong tea Pu'er tea White tea Yellow tea
Coffer maker JingDezhen teapot Tea bag paper Tea book&VCD
Tea box Tea light refreshments Tea machine Tea oil
Tea package Tea pot&cup Tea serving tray Tea wine
Tea furnishings Rock tea(Wuyiyan tea) Other machines Hei Cha
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Processing of Tea  Tea-producing Countries 


Chemical composition

Effects of fertilizer application

Development of eastern Africa  Time & intensity on root regeneration

How to sell Chinese teas and increase your selling?

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How to manage and increase your selling?


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How to manage and increase your selling?


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How to manage and increase your selling?

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Chinese Tea. Elixir of the Orient

Chrysanthemum Tea
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Fu Tea

» New products for sales
Jiao Gu Lan Tea
Hei Cha
Fruit tea
Sweet tea


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»Chinese famous tea

West lake longjing tea

Guzhang Maojian

Junshan Yinzhen

Huangshan Maofeng

Biluo Chun tea

Lushan Yunwu tea

Oolong tea

Zhuye Qing

Yiyuan green tea rich in se

Yiyuan yinfeng green tea

Golden tea

Fu brick tea

Feng huang dan zong

Da hong pao

Anji white tea

China Meetea

Huoshan Huangya

Liuan Guapian

Wang Fu Yin Hao

Yan Dang Mao Feng

Tai Bai Ding Ya

Jian De Bao Cha

Pu Tuo Fo Cha

Song Yang Silver Monkey

Tai Ping Hou Kui

Tai Hu Cui Zhu

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Tea in the word

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Tea and health

Tea and health care

The Origin of tea

The Earliest Book on Tea 

The Extensive Chinese Tea Growing Districts 

The Variety of Tea


I want to know Chinese tea

Can I Drink Strong Tea?

Gargling with tea helps avoid flu


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