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                              WILD FLOWER &HERB TEA

  Wild Dan Shen

  Effect: It can make blood active,stop ache.It is used to cure emmeniopathydysmenorrhea, gore post partum,angina,apoplexy lack of blood.

  Wild  Mi Die Xiang

  Effect:   1. Disinfect and purify air.
              2. Enhance memory and it's very beneficial to people who do heavy brain work.
              3. Help to cure coryza, abdominal distension and adiposis.
              4. Popular as a spice especially in meat cooking.


  Wild Dan Zhu Ye

  Effect: The main medical efficacy of Henon bamboo leaf is heat-dispelling and diuretic.At the same time, it can help to stanch.It is quite suaitable for being drunk together with green tea.

  Wild Sang Ye

  Effect: Folium mori has a good efficacy of free-radical-scavenging.
            Folium mori can dispel fever and cool blood; it can also remove phlegm and relieve cough.
            At the same time, folium mori can dio good to liver, eyes and hair.
            Folium mori has the efficacy of diuretic and defecation.
            What's more, folium mori can help to lower blood pressure, fatness and sugar.
            Folium mori can also ameliorate our sleep.



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