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                             WILD FLOWER &HERB TEA

  Wild Grass Coral

  Effect: Character is pungentIt can dispel gore and make blood active,join bone,cure rheumatoid arthritis,ache of waist and leg,injuries from falls,pneumonia,appendicitis,urgent honeycomb organic inflammation,knub.


  Wild  Ai  Leaf

  Effect:Character is warm and pungent,it can eliminate ache,dispel cold and wetness,stop blood and secure is used to cure dysmenorrheal, metrorrhagia,quickening,hematemesis,arthralgia,skin tickle.


  Wild Deng Xin Grass

  Effect: Purge fire, benefit emiction,edema,icterus,be vexed, insomnia,baby night cry,hurt,etc

  Wild Dang Gui

  Effect:Hematinic,it can enrich the blood , adjust catamenia,make blood active,eliminate can be used to cure blackout,heart-throb, emmeniopathydysmenorrheasallow complexionBlood deficiency yellowetc.


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