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                                WILD FLOWER &HERB TEA

  Wild Ban Bian Lian

  Effect:Taste is pungent,character is mild;it is benefit to emiction,eliminate turgescence, has function of detoxification,it can cure ascites,furuncle,edema,snakebite,schistosomiasis,etc


    Wild Bai Hua She She Cao

  Effect: Character is cool,taste is bitter and sweet.It can eliminate heat and benefit wetness,eliminate poison,defend knub,cure lung heat and cough, tonsil inflammation,faucitis,appendicitis,icterus,snakebite,etc

  Wild Chong Shi cha

  Effect:Insect droppings tea is also named as dragon ball tea which is the speciality of Guilin of Guangxi Province.
Local residents put wild rattan and tea leaves together to lure insects to eat them, leaving the droppings there. People take residue of these rattan and tea leaves out of droppings which is highly named as dragon ball. They fry it in oven firstly and then re-fry it together with teas and honey (honey : tea : droppings = 115) so that the final Insect droppings tea is ready for drinking. Many people will think it dirty and disgarsting, but it's no so. It has a special scent and tastes a little sweet. After drinking, you will be in a good humor. At the same time, it is a healthy drug and can do good to stomache.


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