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                                   WILD FLOWER &HERB TEA

  Wild Guai zao

  Effect:Eliminate thirsty and vexed, relieve hot and smooth five internal organs, benefit bowels, achievement like honey, it is ideal fruit for diabetic patient.Make blood active, eliminate gore, even asthma, benefit urine, dispel wine poison.

  Wild  Sweet  Tea

  Effect:Reduce blood pressure, blood fat, defend and cure ossify cirrhosis of heart and cerebral, extend blood vessel, strengthen blood circulation of heart and brain, benefit liver and keep looks, and have assistant function to is suit for old and young.

  Wild Papaya

  Effect:Benefit breast, fair, reduce weight.Repress born of melanin cell, complete water and nutrient that skin need.


  Wild Mao Yan Mei

  Effect:Eliminate hot and poison, anti-virus and eliminate inflammation, dispel rheumatism, cure chronic bronchitis, strengthen physique, reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and protect liver etc. Have special functons of cure common cold and fever, heart and cerebral disease, eczema, dermatitis etc.Have special curative effect to common cold.



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