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                             WILD FLOWER &HERB TEA


 Wild Duzhong Tea

  Effect: Reduce blood pressure, repair  liver and  kidney, strengthen  physique and cure ache of  waist and ridge, anaesthetization sequela of children,etc.


 Wild Papaya Seed

  Effect: Defend resultant nitrosamine that cause cancer to man body. content of vitamin C in Papaya is 48 times of that in apple .Frequently eating papaya can even liver and stomach, comfort muscle, soften blood vessel, anti-virus and eliminate inflammation,defend caducity , anti-cancer, strengthen corporeity.


  Wild Ku Jin Gan Lai

  Effect: Keep and improve looks, reduce fat and reduce weight,eliminate phlegm and stop coughing, benefit being wet and live blood.Used for cure blood in cough, phlegm, chronic bronchitis, hot and damp jaundice, hurt. And reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and sugar.Have special effect to prevent common cold.



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