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Tea and Coffee machine

Brewing Coffee & Tea Machine – B5S (for offices and bakery shops, catering locations, hotels etc.)

Based on best brewing unit system, it is absolutely also the best of OCS at your service with high performance and simplicity of use!

With GPRS system, the operation status could be “transparence” wherever the B5S is installed in.



Meeting the demand for both tea leaves & pre-ground coffee powders, serving with English tea.

1. Dimension: Height 550mm / width 390mm / depth 470mm

2. Net Weight: 30kg

3. Electrical Supply: 220V-240V / 110V-120V 50Hz / 60Hz

4. Power: 1500W

    Big coffee & tea volume: 200ml/cup or more volume is available!

5. Water Supply: Compatible for both main water supply and purified water barrel

6. User Interface: 8 selection push buttons for hot drinks and 32 digit alphanumeric displays

                         To be served iced drinks with ice cubics, concentrated drinks could be dispensed out.

7. Canisters: 1 or 2 canisters for tea leaf + 2 or 3 instant powder canisters;

                    1 or 2 canisters for coffee bean powder + 2 or 3 instant powder canisters

8. Max. working pressure: 9kg±2kg


Optional Accessories:

1. Attractive base cabinet (height: 920mm) for purified water barrel and paper cups.

2. Coin acceptor with high distinguishing modulus can identify coins from all countries.

3. Water pump is available for purified water barrel.

4. Languages in English, Portuguese, and Spanish are available.

5. Branding option is acceptable.

6. GPRS system is optional.

7. BVM777 ice maker is optional for more chilled drinks.

We can also support you the appropriate coffee and tea instant powder to the machines.

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