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Hunan yifengjian Tea Industry Co., Ltd


Company profile

The beautiful wanyang mountain, 918 meters above sea level, is located in Guanyinsi Town, Taoyuan County, bordering Yuanling County, Huaihua. Here flowers bloom all the year round, especially in spring. The mountain spring is not deep in the world and passes around the village......

Picking wild tea

At present, wanyang mountain is a provincial nature reserve, which is located at the northeast end of the intersection uplift belt of Xuefeng mountain and Wuling Mountain, and borders Yuanling County, Huaihua City in the West and south.

The main peak of wanyang mountain is 918 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by clouds all year round, verdant trees, green everywhere, and the forest coverage rate is 95%. Standing on the top of a peak, overlooking the scenery at the foot of the mountain, the Yuanjiang river winds northward in the mountains. If you encounter cloudless weather, you can also overlook the towering buildings in Taoyuan County. In 1957, WANYANGSHAN state-owned forest farm was established in Taoyuan County. The forest farm also used wild tea in the mountains for reproduction and developed a piece of wild tea base. Its good tea quality is well known at home and abroad. It became a branch of the "huhonggongfu" series of Taoyuan black tea and exported overseas.

In March 2016, Hunan yifengjian Tea Industry Co., Ltd. came into being to develop 1209.7 mu of the original deep mountain tea garden base of WANYANGSHAN forest farm. The two tea garden bases are 850 meters above sea level. Due to the high terrain, large temperature difference between day and night, clouds and fog all year round, the content of negative ions in the air is high, far away from village pollution, the water quality is pure and clear, and the soil is fertile and humid. The unique geographical conditions provide a prerequisite for the growth, development and good quality of wild tea, and produce "yifengjian" brand Taoyuan black tea and "Taoyuan black tea · wanyanghongsui" organic wild black tea with high quality.

The company is headquartered in yangjiaxi village, Guanyinsi Town, Taoyuan County. The construction of the whole park has successively invested 12 million yuan, covering an area of 8000 square meters, radiating and driving more than 5000 mu of mountain tea garden in Guanyinsi town. It is a joint-stock private enterprise integrating Alpine organic tea planting, processing, sales, R & D, tea culture research and dissemination, catering services and industrial poverty alleviation. In August 2019, the company passed the organic tea certification. For two consecutive years, it was rated as an excellent unit for the construction of organic tea base in 2018 and 2019 by Changde tea industry office. In early 2019, the company's yifengjian tea professional cooperative in Taoyuan County took advantage of its own advantages to become a municipal poverty alleviation leading enterprise in Changde City. The registered trademark of the company's products is "yifengjian".

The company adheres to and carries forward the ancestral Huhong Gongfu technology, takes wanyangshan high-quality wild tea as raw material, eliminates the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and produces a series of black tea varieties with unique flavor. Its products meet the national standard of "green, organic and selenium rich", which are favored by consumers and exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places.

The company takes "inheriting for a hundred years, casting classics, carrying forward tea ceremony and guiding the trend" as its business philosophy. Adhere to "quality casts the future". The company has three production lines of famous green tea, black tea and dark tea. It has independently developed and produced more than 10 series products such as "yifengjian" brand Taoyuan black tea, "Taoyuan black tea · wanyanghongsui", touchun green tea and Mingqian tea. The production of famous and high-quality tea is more than 20000 kg, with a comprehensive output value of more than 10 million yuan. Its "yifengjian" brand Taoyuan black tea won the first prize in the third Xiaoxiang cup in Hunan Province in 2018, the "Taoyuan black tea · wanyanghong year old" won the Gold Award in the Ninth China Tea Cup International Dingcheng tea king competition in 2019, and the "yifengjian · Taoyuan black tea" won the Gold Award in the selection of famous and excellent tea "tea ancestor god agricultural Cup" of Hunan Tea Expo in 2020.

Li Yong, general manager, was rated as one of the "top ten CPPCC members for poverty alleviation"

Over the past few years, under the leadership of general manager Li Yong, the company has strengthened standardized management and created a hardworking, pioneering and enterprising team. The integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries has been realized in the park: there are tea processing plants, tea product marketing points, tourism, leisure and vacation farms combined with tea tourism. It is a training base for primary industry workers of Taoyuan County Federation of trade unions, a sunshine poverty alleviation demonstration base for the disabled in Taoyuan County, and a selenium rich tea production and processing base in Taoyuan County. The annual reception capacity has reached more than 10000 person times. Since 2016, under the correct leadership of Party and government organizations at all levels, the industrial poverty alleviation model of company + cooperative + poor households has been adopted. Taking the tea industry as the platform, a close interest connection mechanism has been established with poor households, and 3625 people from 1163 households in 18 villages have been lifted out of poverty by using yifengjian tea professional cooperative in Taoyuan County. Especially at the beginning of the establishment of the company, when the conditions were extremely difficult, multi-party financing provided a total of 690900 yuan of industrial poverty alleviation dividend funds in 2018 and 2019. For three years, 431920 yuan of small poverty alleviation loan dividend funds were granted to 39 poor members of the cooperative, with an increase of 4000 yuan in per capita annual income, and nearly 1.2 million yuan of wages were paid to people in poor mountainous areas every year. In view of the outstanding contributions made by the company to poverty alleviation, Li Yong, general manager, was rated as the "top ten CPPCC members for poverty alleviation" by Taoyuan County Party committee, county government and county CPPCC in 2020.

"A peak rises from the ground and comes from the tea mountain". The company sincerely invites guests from all over the world and friends from all over the tea party. It will be committed to building a "Chinese high-quality Alpine organic wild tea manufacturer" as its vision, positioning itself on the quality requirements of "national ceremony tea", and taking "sincerity, authenticity and taste" as its own responsibility, and constantly improve the popularity and influence of "yifengjian" organic tea, so as to provide Changde black tea Taoyuan black tea goes out of the mountains, goes abroad and makes due contributions.


Tea base And Tea factory

Wanyangshan tea base in Taoyuan County Wanyangshan tea base in Taoyuan County

Production workshop workers make tea

Production workshop workers make tea



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Wanyang Maofeng green tea Wanyang Hongsui black tea Shangguan green tea
Shangguan black tea Taoyuan black tea Wanyang Hongsui black tea

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