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Taoyuan tea

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Tao yuan big leaf tea/da ye tea

Tao yuan big leaf tea/da ye tea

In 1969, agronomist Lu Wanjun found an unusual wild large leaf tea tree in the mountains of lujiachong, taipingpu Township, Taoyuan County.

After thousands of years, this tree has gathered the aura of heaven and earth. Its leaves are "like Longjing tea, with higher aroma than Biluochun tea and more Maofeng Tea in taste". It is a good variety he has never seen before.

After years of hard work, Lu Wanjun and others finally broke through the technical difficulties, making this rare old tea tree a big leaf tea in Taoyuan.

The history of Taoyuan tea can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago.

According to records: "Wuling seven counties produce tea, the best", Taoyuan is one of them. Taoyuan has been known as the "hometown of tea" since ancient times. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Taoyuan black tea went abroad. At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, the export of black tea reached 30000 cases.

Taoyuan has unique conditions for growing tea. This is a recognized 30 degrees north latitude high-quality tea production area. Within the territory, continuous mountains, dense streams, mild climate, soil pine fertile, very suitable for tea.

The unique geographical and climatic conditions create the characteristic quality of Taoyuan Daye tea. The big leaves of Taoyuan have the characteristics of rich contents, high yield, high quality and strong resistance. Its leaves are big and thick, strong in taste and resistant to soaking. Its water extract is as high as 49%, the content of tea polyphenols is as high as 34%, and the content of amino acids is as high as 4.69%. It is a rare raw material for black and dark tea. Because of its strong growth and high yield, Taoyuan big leaf tea is deeply loved by tea merchants and tea farmers. Its planting area covers 15 counties and cities in three provinces in the south of the Yangtze River, ranking in the forefront of Hunan improved varieties. Green tea, black tea, dark tea, white tea and yellow teas made from taoyuan daye tea. Even the famous Anhua dark tea is inseparable from his behind the scenes hero.

How do Taoyuan people transform Taoyuan big leaf tea into productivity?

Taoyuan County has always attached great importance to the development of tea industry, especially the big leaf tea industry. Since the 1970s, the research and development of big leaf tea has been actively carried out; In the 1990s, the standardization construction was strengthened. In 2005, the local standard of Taoyuan Daye tea was issued and implemented. In recent years, through supporting enterprises, subsidizing tea farmers, personnel training, quality control, strengthening organic and other measures, Taoyuan tea industry has been promoted to "bigger, better and stronger".

At present, there are 150 large and small tea enterprises in the county, forming a complete industrial chain of variety selection, seedling propagation, planting, processing, finishing, sales, tourism, tea derivatives, etc.

Especially in the standard, green and organic aspects, Taoyuan has early planning, practical measures and good results. Through the promotion of standardized planting of improved varieties, green prevention and control, and clean processing in the whole county, the tea garden in the whole county has been pollution-free, with 40000 mu of tea as the production base of green food raw materials. Taoyuan County is listed as the national export green tea advantage area county, the national three green project tea industry demonstration county, the national green food (tea) raw material standardization production base county and the national key (top 100) tea production county.

Taoyuan tea develops well

"Five varieties of Taoyuan tea, including Daye tea, Taoyuan wild tea king, Taoyuan black tea, Wuyun Maojian tea and Taoyuan fir needle tea, have been rated as famous and high-quality tea." Taoyuan wild tea king "has won the protection of national geographical indication products," Taoyuan black tea "has won the registration protection of agricultural geographical indication by the Ministry of agriculture," gudongchun "has won the title of China's famous trademark," bainichaan "has won the title of Hunan Province's famous trademark."

More than that, Taoyuan tea in the market performance is extraordinary: the county tea garden area of 100000 mu, annual production and processing of tea 30000 tons, the comprehensive output value of nearly 1 billion yuan.

Taoyuan tea takes "Taoyuan black tea" as its main theme, strengthens brand promotion, integrates tea with culture and tourism, and strives to promote Taoyuan tea industry to a new level.


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