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Hunan Liulaoshu Tea Industry Co., Ltd


Company profile

Hunan liulaoshu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Wuyunjie, a National Nature Reserve in the southwest of Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. Located in the remaining vein of Xuefeng mountain, it drinks Dongting in the East, looks at Yungui in the west, Zishui in the south, Yuanjiang River in the north, towering ancient trees, winding giant vines and full of rain. The geological structure is the intersection area of LENGJIAXI community and Banxi community. The geology, terrain and landform are complex and strange, and most of them are selenium rich soil. It's wet, cold and foggy here in spring; Summer is hot and rainy, with large temperature difference between day and night; Cool autumn; Strong wind and ice in winter; The microclimate characteristics are very obvious, and alpine meadows begin to appear in areas above 500 meters above sea level; It is a nature reserve focusing on the protection of species diversity and livestock in subtropical middle and low altitude areas.

In the rocky crevices under the primitive secondary forest in the Wuyunjie, tea trees grow naturally. The tall and dense broad-leaved forest not only provides good shade for tea trees, but also provides rich humic fertilizer. The unique conditions make the tea trees here postpone the tea season because of the wet and cold early spring and cloudy rain and fog; However, the geographical location and growth environment of tezhu also make the tea here exquisite, long tender period, slow lignification process, flexible and thick leaves, longer leaf spacing, slender, fresh and tender tea, soluble animal quality and delicious. It has almost all the advantages of Alpine Yunwu Tea.

Gongfu black tea is processed by the primary and refined process of tongdetang tea house in the Qing Dynasty. It has rich honey fragrance, mellow soup taste and pure taste. It also has the aroma of orchid, cinnamon, loquat and ginseng leaves. The first time tea is brewed, the aroma of tea is very strong. The fragrance of orchid and cinnamon in water leads the fragrance. The later water is gradually warm and smooth, and the flavor of flowers and fruits is flexible and lingering. At the 15th and 16th times, Tea also has aroma. At the Panama world expo in San Francisco in 1915, the local Zeng zhaomo tea won the honorary medal. According to the award, it was higher than the gold medal, and was known as the Pearl on the crown of black tea in the world.

As early as 1865, in shaping ancient town, which is located on the Bank of xiachengxi River in the Wuyunjie and prospered due to tea distribution, 23 tea shops took shares in "Tongde tang", and refined black tea was transported to Hankou by water and then sold abroad. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, through the integration of local tea shops, the public profit-making agricultural tea factory was established in 1951; On this basis, the state-run Hunan Taoyuan tea factory was built in 1955. It mainly produces 0P Gongfu black tea and CTC black tea. It is a successful trial production and standard setting place for CTC black tea in China. Therefore, the export of Huhong Gongfu tea through water and land transportation has been busy for more than a century. In the dark cloud boundary, nearly 20000 wild tea trees are scattered in the area with an altitude of 300-800. These tea trees have been prosperous for a long time due to the production technology of Taoyuan Lake Gongfu black tea. After inheritance, they have led Hunan Gongfu black tea for more than 100 years.

Historically, the main production areas of Hunan Gongfu black tea are in Anhua, Taoyuan, Xinhua, Yuanling and other counties. The North-South slope of the line from lengfengjian to Chahe mountain is the high-quality production area of Hunan Gongfu black tea. The Wuyunjie area has always been the collection place of standard samples. It can be said that the taste of Wuyunjie black tea represents the highest grade of huhonggongfu black tea.

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the state-owned Hunan Taoyuan tea factory gradually became deserted. It has been more than 70 years since "Tongde hall" was not mentioned. In the spring of 2016, the seventh generation of intangible cultural heritage inheritors of Tongde hall, known as Liu Laoshu, wandered among the dilapidated green houses with the skills of Huhong Gongfu tea making, evaluation, spelling and tasting taught orally by his elders, Standing in front of the stone tablet of Tongde hall. At this time, in the former period of Lake red Kung Fu black tea, there are already ruins, wood masonry and iron are rotten, ancient trees are still there, and weeds invade the fragrant path. For him, mixed feelings can only be a moment of luxury, and the responsibility of keeping watch and inheritance can not be neglected for a moment. He once measured the boundless and dark clouds with his feet, which kept pace with the coldness of the state-owned Hunan Taoyuan tea factory for more than 20 years. During the exploration, there is only a simple and simple thought to feel the intersection between our ancestors and every tea tree in this magical mountain with piety.

The wild tea community is still in the vast mountains, watching the change of years, bearing the weight of time, indifferent to the integration of heaven and earth in the swaddling clothes of the season. Liu Laoshu knows that to awaken the ancient tea forest and reproduce the glory of his ancestors, he must be willing to be lonely. He often lives in seclusion in the mountains, accompanied by wild tea trees. The ancient and mysterious population species, the inheritance and variation of sexual reproduction, the influence of Geology and the aging of time have contributed to the rich endoplasm of the old tea trees in the Wuyunjie.

The tea produced at the beginning of each mountain has become Gongfu black tea after wind selection, screening, picking, grading evaluation, stacking, blending, re baking and packaging. The mixing of tea is the key process in the refining stage of Gongfu black tea. It is necessary to match a new and wonderful taste between almost the slightest difference.

Thirty years of deep mountain time is a bitter love with old tree tea in the Wuyunjie In the footprints of his ancestors, Liulaoshu found the light enough to awaken the mountains. The old tea tree sealed by years washes time in indifference and tranquility, injects people's blood into the bitter love of tea lovers, and tells the story of each ancient tea.

In 2016, "Hunan liulaoshu Tea Industry Co., Ltd." was officially registered. Liu Laoshu is determined to pour the skills of his predecessors and his interpretation of the old tea tree in the Wuyunjie into the growth of the "Hunan Liu Laoshu" brand. In order to keep the purity of the products, he still set the preliminary preparation and refining Institute at the riverside of Wuyunjie village, shaping town“ Water is the source of life, and tea is the drink of the soul. The famous Huhong Gongfu tea and the clear and sweet water at the peak of the Wuyunjie are perfectly integrated here, which will jointly interpret the myth of the perfect match of tea in China!

In 2020, at the first "Changde black tea manual tea making competition" in Changde City, the husband and wife combination of Liu Laoshu and Luo Yaming won the championship and witnessed the value of traditional tea making technology.


Product display

Taoyuan black tea was founded in the 21st year of Wanli of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1593). After more than 300 years of inheritance, during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, the production technology of Gongfu black tea was integrated to form five representative black tea products, such as hongjinya, hongmaofeng, honggongfu, black broken tea and Hong Fu tea. The Taoyuan black tea produced by Hunan liulaoshu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is made by Liu Laoshu, the non heritage inheritor of "Taoyuan Lake honggongfu tea making technology" and the champion of the first "Changde black tea" manual tea making competition. According to the traditional technology, it is made from the wild tea leaves of the primitive secondary forest in Wuyunjie, a national nature reserve. It has the characteristics of natural organic, rich taste level, mellow and full taste, fragrant like honey, golden red and bright soup color.

Name: Gongou black tea
Specifications: 150g/bag
Packaging material: Tin foil kraft paper;
Composite bag jacket cloth bag
Price: $25.00

Name: Taoyuan five black tea
Packaging material: Hongjinya 50g;
Hongmaofeng 50g; Gongfu black tea 50g;
Broken black tea 50g; Hong Fu brick 500g
Price: $85.00

Name: Gongfu black tea
Specifications: 150g/bag*2bag
Packaging material: Tin foil kraft paper;
Composite bag jacket cloth bag; gift box
Price: $50.00


Business cooperation

Hunan liulaoshu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
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