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Taoyuan tea

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Taoyuan JUNHE wild tea Development Co., Ltd


Company profile

Taoyuan JUNHE wild tea Development Co., Ltd established in November 2015, with more than 3800 mu of wild tea base and more than 1000 mu of newly developed organic tea garden. Standardized processing plant 11000 square meters, five automatic tea processing production lines.

Caijiatang village, Yangxiqiao Town, has beautiful scenery and abundant products, known as "Good place, Bamboo Sea and Tea town", The tea industry belongs to the traditional industry in Wuyunjie, Every household in the reserve has old tea gardens, These old teas belong to rare species, and the detection results by relevant departments fully meet the 476 organic standards of the country and even the European Union. The ecological environment creates a natural good tea, "Yunling 1028" black tea produced by JUNHE wild tea Development Co., Ltd. won the special prize of "China tea cup" in 2017. It is the only winner in Hunan Province. In 2018, it won the gold award of the fifth "tea Olympic Games" in Hangzhou again. The old tea garden was reclaimed and won the honorary awards of "sustainable development tea garden" issued by the world environmental protection fund and 2020 targeted poverty alleviation enterprise brand. As a representative of geographical indication products, it appeared in the 12th Beijing International Agricultural Fair and won unanimous praise.

JUNHE tea industry is developing rapidly. According to the operation mode of "leading enterprise + base + cooperative + farmer", JUNHE tea industry is developing rapidly, Relying on the wild tea resources in the barren mountains of Wuyunjie, JUNHE has developed into a provincial leading enterprise and an upgraded leading enterprise integrating industrial poverty alleviation, wild tea development, tea processing and tea culture publicity. It has gone further and further on the road of tea industry development and set a new benchmark.

Person in charge of JUNHE tea company: Mr. Zhan Wei

JUNHE Tea factory


Tea base and Tea factory

From afar, deep in the clouds of the wild mountains, you can see the deep fragrance of tea in the deep valley, full of dreamers, shoulder the great task of the original heart, forge ahead, forge ahead, the leaves of the old trees in the mountains can be changed into money.

At the end of Dongting Lake, at the intersection of Xuefeng mountain and Wuling Mountain, there is a collection of Lingshan Xiushui. It belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate, with distinct cold and hot seasons and obvious dry and wet seasons. It is recognized by geographers and historians as the "golden belt" of 30 ° north latitude high-quality tea producing area.

Wild tea trees in Wuyunjie Nature Reserve

Organic tea base

With 500000 mu of mountain forest, 48 high-altitude peaks, more than 1200 households and more than 7000 tea growers, we can get only 5000KG of natural good tea every year.

Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve in Taoyuan County is a natural gene treasure house of Xuefeng mountain. This wild tea forest has been growing wantonly in the reserve for more than half a century. Geography, sunshine, moisture and soil are just fine. From artificial domestication and selection in the 1950s, natural growth after abandonment, to today's reclamation, these wild tea distributed under the canopy of evergreen broad-leaved forest survive in the baptism of years, and shoot out buds with old trees.

Automatic tea production equipment

JUNHE black tea

Taoyuan black tea originated in 1865. Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve has always been the main raw material export place of Taoyuan black tea. JUNHE tea industry began to integrate high-quality tea resources in the reserve in early 2016. Under the premise of not damaging the original ecology, wild tea resources have been reasonably and orderly developed, and abandoned tea gardens have been rehabilitated. Taoyuan black tea has a history of more than 150 years, It needs to develop in inheritance. Take it from the mountain, return it to the mountain, let the world know Taoyuan black tea again, take tea as the carrier, let more people into "the fairyland of the world, the beautiful Taoyuan"



Leading enterprises in Hunan Province

The 12th "China tea cup" special prize

Gold medal of the 5th "China tea Olympics"



Sustainable tea garden

Targeted poverty alleviation enterprise brand



Product display

JUNHE black tea is made of fresh leaves of wild tea trees in Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve in spring, following the traditional production process of Taoyuan black tea, combining with the characteristics of wild tea green, through technological innovation. The color of dry tea is black, glossy and golden yellow. The soup is golden yellow and transparent, with nectar fragrance, mellow taste and brewing resistance.

Yun Ling 1028 black tea

Yunling 1028 -- Wuyunjie elevation landmark products, star products produced by JUNHE tea industry, Taoyuan black tea quality benchmark.

The main peak of Wuyunjie is 1028 meters above sea level. It is connected with Yunwushan mountain and shenxianjie mountain. It snows early in winter and late in spring. It is covered with white snow, forming the natural wonder of the core area of Wuyunjie nature reserve yunlingxue.

Eight scenes of Taoyuan (pressed tea/black tea)

Eight scenes of Taoyuan: a new name card of Taoyuan culture, a fairyland, a beautiful Taoyuan, one tea and one scene.

Wuyunjie wild tea

Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve is an ecological theme cultural and creative tea ceremony. Wuyunjie is a forest ecosystem type reserve with a forest coverage rate of 92.5%. Ginkgo biloba, Taxus chinensis, Eucommia ulmoides, boleshu, Torreya grandis, Liriodendron and other national protected plants are widely distributed in the area. This product reflects the ecological theme of dark cloud world.


Welcome global tea guests

Zhu Shuiping, chairman of Changde CPPCC, and Pang Bo, Secretary of Taoyuan County Party committee,inspected and visited JUNHE tea company Zhou Chongwang, chairman of the provincial tea industry group, and Bao Xiaocun, a tea research expert, inspected and visited libaoshan organic tea garden
Tea research expert Bao Xiaocun guides tea garden cultivation Xiao Lizheng, chairman of Hunan tea society, Professor of Hunan Agricultural University, and Zhang Shuguang, director of Hunan Tea Research Institute, are guiding tea production technology in JUNHE tea company

Business cooperation

Taoyuan JUNHE wild tea Development Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-0736--6663886
Address: Caijiatang village, Yangxiqiao Town, Taoyuan County, Hunan Province
Website: http://www.teanet.com.cn/english/taoyuan/junhe.htm

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