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Changde Jiangzhe Tea Industry Co., Ltd


Company profile

Blue sky and white clouds, the earth is like grass, overlooking from afar, mountains are like Dai. With continuous snow peaks and gurgling Yangxi River, the tea garden is green, the spring wind blows and the tea fragrance. A beautiful ecological panorama of mountains surrounded by water.

This is Yangxiqiao community, Yangxiqiao Town, Taoyuan County. Changde Jiangzhe Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is located in this beautiful landscape.

Yangxiqiao town is located at the east end of Xuefeng mountain range and the core area of Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve. There is Guniu mountain with an altitude of 1147 meters, which is called Taoyuan ridge. Since ancient times, it has been the only way to the ancient post road in Western Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan. It is also an important post station to Anhua, Yuanling and the ancient tea horse road in Western Hunan. It connects shaping in the East and cha'anpu in the south. It is also a hometown with a long history of tea production in Taoyuan.

The company lives next to Yangxi, a tributary of Yuanshui river. The water quality is pure and clear, and the soil is fertile and humid. Therefore, it has the advantage of time and place, and the tea produced has a mellow flavor.

The local people are outstanding, and the Hunan craftsmen are also outstanding. Adhering to the spirit of craftsman, craftsman Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016, formerly known as Yongxing tea factory established in the 1990s. It is a tea enterprise integrating tea planting, production, sales and carrying forward tea culture. It is a municipal leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. With a registered capital of 3.8 million yuan, the company now has fixed assets of 17 million yuan, a standard plant of more than 5000 square meters, three tea production lines, and independently developed a series of Taoyuan black tea such as Hongjinya black tea and CTC black tea. The annual production capacity of dry tea reaches more than 1500 tons and the annual sales revenue is more than 22.7 million yuan.

The company now has more than 500 mu of high-standard tea garden base, and more than 3000 mu of "shanqiushui tea professional cooperative" tea garden base initiated by the company. They are all standardized tea plantations, and the comprehensive agricultural machinery rate has reached more than 60%. The company's products cover green tea, black tea and dark tea, providing consumers with high, medium and low-grade consumption. The company adheres to the development of brand, green and organic, adheres to the theme of green and health, takes the benefit of the society as its own responsibility, carefully produces each piece of tea with emotion, takes tea as the medium, and makes more customers all over the world. The company is committed to inheriting and carrying forward the unique brand characteristics of Daye tea in Taoyuan, and adhering to the business philosophy of "green, health and development".

In recent years, led by Deng Zhichao, chairman of the board of directors, the company has made great progress through hard work, from scratch. After years of cultivation, it has become a large-scale and influential enterprise. In 2017, it was rated as Changde Leading enterprises. In 2019, three green food label products, namely "hongjinya (black tea)", "xiangjiangzhe brand - Wild Tea King (green tea)", "xiangjiangzhe brand - Yinhao (green tea)", were added to identify tea products with "ID card" and establish a quality traceability system. Its xiangjiangzhe brand - "Hongjinya black tea" won the silver award for the quality selection of world black tea products in 2019 and the Gold Award for the selection of famous and high-quality tea "Tea Ancestor Shennong Cup" in the 12th Hunan Tea Expo in 2020; Broken black tea series products have won many awards such as the title of "famous Silk Road products".

With magnificent mountains, rolling hills, flat tea gardens, clear streams like jade and picturesque ancient tea horse road, nature not only gives Yangxi bridge beautiful mountains and rivers, but also gives it profound historical tea culture.

Jiangzhe tea, an emerging tea enterprise, has become another dazzling pearl of tea industry rising on the ancient tea horse road. She is marching forward with her young attitude. The craftsman of tea is skilled and divine.


Tea base and Tea factory

Tea base

Tea base

Tea base

Tea base

Tea base

Tea base





"Xiangjiang Zhe" brand Hongjinya black tea won the Gold Award

"Xiangjiang Zhe" brand Hongjinya black tea won the first prize


Product display

No.: TYJZ01
Name: Hotel bag Hongjinya black tea
Specifications: 5g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $0.25/bag
Product introduction: Hongjinya black tea is a high-quality black tea made of pollution-free and pollution-free big leaf bud tip raw materials from Taoyuan big leaf tea base before Qingming Festival. It has a tight and thin shape, dark and oily, Jin Hao revealed, rich honey aroma, bright orange red soup, deep golden circle, lasting and long sweet aroma, sweet and mellow taste, smooth taste and bright red background.

No.: TYJZ02
Name: Hotel bag Wild tea king green tea
Specifications: 5g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $1.00/bag
Product introduction: The raw material of wild tea king green tea is refined from the standard bud head of large leaf wild tea before Qingming in Wuling mountains. It has the characteristics of "hypertrophic leaves, soft leaves, dark green leaves, strong buds, more hairy, soup color emerald, fragrant smell and long aftertaste". When brewing, you can see the wonderful landscape of "ten thousand books and days" and "bamboo shoots after rain".

No.: TYJZ03
Name: Yinhao green tea
Specifications: 150g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $20.00/bag
Product introduction: "Taoyuan Yinhao green tea" is a specialty of Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. It is made from the tea garden of our own green food base, with a bud and a leaf of Castanopsis eyrei as raw materials. Its shape is tight, curly and green. The whole rope is covered with white hair. After brewing, the soup is green, the leaf bottom is tender and uniform, and the taste is mellow and refreshing.

No.: TYJZ04
Name: Wild tea king green tea
Specifications: 150g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $30.00/bag

No.: TYJZ05
Name: Hongjinya black tea
Specifications: 150g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $23.00/bag

No.: TYJZ06
Name: Qu Hao green tea
Specifications: 400g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $11.00/bag

No.: TYJZ07
Name: Hong gongfu black tea
Specifications: 200g/bag
Packaging material: PE
Price: $13.50/bag


Business cooperation

Changde Jiangzhe Tea Industry Co., Ltd
Board Chairman: Mr. Deng Zhichao
Tel: +86-13873696913
Address: Xiawan formation, Yangqiao Town, Taoyuan County, Changde City, Hunan Province
Website: http://www.teanet.com.cn/english/taoyuan/jiangzhe.htm

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