Balsam Pear Tea (Ku Gua cha)



















Balsam Pear Tea, traditional Chinese medicine, Balsam Pear Tea cold Bitterpungent tea on the heart, lungs, stomach is cool thirst, the beauty of beauty. promote metabolic cost effectiveness. The Balsam Pear Tea tea rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C and a variety of minerals to long-term average age drinking. body immunity.
     A young friend : young girls, gave a full-face Changdou, constipation.
     The driver drove, business friends, the office staff : tobacco organs too late at night insomnia, definitely.
     Old friends : the passage of time, semi generation of hard work, just in droves, but high blood pressure, cardiovascular system impeded.
     Married women : youth go away, dull skin, constipation hardship discharge is fit to drink.
     Yishen diuretic Balsam Pear Tea , antitoxin, clears the blood lipid, anti-virus Clinical observation Di hot sheer detoxification, liver Yangxue AIDS. Run cold weather spleen Bushen role in a drug-free, designed heat Laofa Solutions, the internal eyesight, his son Properties, bribery and drug-free, Yiqi impotence.
     Wild Balsam Pear Tea is also good for diabetic hypoglycemic effect and constipation significant effect.
     Wild Balsam Pear Tea artificial seeding, away from the crowd, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, water and air pollution, Growth of Balsam Pear freely in the mountains, does not contain any preservatives and pigments, is a pure natural drinks.

Also known as

Balsam Pear Tea ,Ku Gua cha


Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 teaspoons for every 500ml of water. Infuse in hot water at 90℃to 95℃ for 2 to 4 minutes for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.