How to import Chinese tea
from China

Da Hong Pao

  Name: Da Hong Pao( 大红袍
Origin: Wuyishan ,Fujian
Sort: Oolong Tea

Brief Introduction:   

Da Hong Pao is produced in Wu Yi Mountain,Fujian province.there are only six trees of Da Hong Pao.and there is a story about Da Hong Pao,it was once said that the monk in Tian Xin Temple used the tea leaves cured an officer,so the officer coberd the tree with the red robe he clothed to express the thankfulness,then the tea tree was dyed red.since then the tea got its name as”Da Hong Pao”.

Now Wu Yi Mountain tea graduate school has tested nonsexual reproduce technology and the tea can be produced in a large scale

The picking time of Da Hong Pao is in spring.

The form of the tea is tight,the color is brown-green,the soup is bright and orange,the leaves are green with red lace,the smell is like orchid. Da Hong Pao will keep aroma after steepted seven or eight times.

The main processes of making Da Hong Pao include:solarization、air-green、making-green、stir-frying、first-kneading、second-frying、second-kneading、water-baking、filtration、fanning and cooling、selection、second-baking、second- filtration、firing.