China Hunan embroidery 


China Hunan embroidery intro————

      During the 19th century (about 1810), embroidery is very popular in Hunan of china .It has 100 years of history. Today, It forms a kind of particular charm. Embroidery form Hunan province, Jiangsu province, Guangdong Province, Sichuan Province exist simultaneously as four famous Embroideries "in china.
      Hunan embroidery has a long history and is very famous aboard. Its works have strong value of decoration, appreciation and collection. Hunan embroidery draft is based on Chinese painting, and embroidery arts directly carried forward poem, calligraphy, painting and seal. Being employed form which combined the above traditional arts makes embroidery works have strong traditional art characteristic.

      Hunan embroidery expresses figures lively and vivid as well as bright in color. It pursues not only the effect of decoration or the truthfulness of photography, but according to the needs of expressing different subjects and figures ,then being employed changeable stitching and embroidery skill. Realistically, it has achieved the effect which has both romantic charm and form. Hunan embroidery pursues not only the effect of thin orderly, flat, dense, even and bright, It emphasizes the synthetic utilization of stitching, embroidery teachique and various arts crafts factors, contrasting and unifying.
      Therefore Hunan embroidery appears as the artistic characteristic of various style and features. It really is the cream of Hunan culture and the precious of china.