Huo Shan Huang Ya Green Tea

Huo Shan Huang Ya Tea: 霍山黄芽
Where to make: Huo shan in An'hui province.

Huoshanhuangya – this type comes from Huoshan district where it was produced as early as during the Tang dynasty. In the Qing epoch, yellow tea was fashionable and highly praised; it was also tribute tea to imperial court. However, its popularity diminished later and the production was practically stopped. In the 70s (20th century), the variety enjoyed its revival.

Tea is made of young shoots with one bud for very young 1-2 leaves plucked in late April or early May. Oblong, yellow-green leaves with many white hairs give a yellow-green infusion. The flavour is sweet and delicate while aroma resembles mellow chestnuts.


Huo Shan Huang Ya Tea Huo Shan Huang Ya Tea