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Xiaoqinggan tea / Gan pu tea

Citrus pu'er tea / Orange peel Pu'er tea

Brief introduction of Xiaoqinggan tea



Other names: Gan pu tea,Citrus pu'er tea,Orange peel Pu'er tea, Chenpi pu'er tea

Xiaoqinggan tea:  (also known as Xinhui Citrus Pu'er tea), it is a kind of tea made from Guangdong Xinhui Dahong citrus or Xiaoqing citrus and Yunnan Xishuangbanna Menghai Pu'er tea. It is a kind of Pu'er tea. It is characterized by its mellow and sweet import, unique flower flavor and aging flavor, which is caused by the special fruit flavor of Xinhui Citrus and the long-term absorption of the fruit flavor of citrus peel by Pu'er tea. Second, it is protective The health function is prominent, and the effect of "Regulating Qi" of Xinhui tangerine peel is brought into play.

Characteristics of Citrus Pu'er tea: the materials of Xinhui orange peel and Yunnan Pu'er are perfectly combined. They are natural and the older they are, the more fragrant they are. Citrus Pu'er tea combines the mellow fruit flavor of Xinhui Citrus and the mellow sweet flavor of Yunnan Pu'er tea, Citrus peel (or Pericarpium Citri reticulata) and tea leaves absorb each other's essence, forming a unique flavor and a special taste of Citrus Pui. Both orange peel and Puer are famous for their health and health care. Both are famous for their better effects and more valuable value. The orange tea is natural like nature itself, both in appearance and content. It is called Chen Yuexiang.


The effects of Citrus tea: Regulating Qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, drying dampness and resolving phlegm, eliminating accumulation and stagnation; Combined with Pu'er tea, both the appearance and connotation are natural and unique. Its health care effect naturally has both advantages: it has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and detoxification, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, reducing fat and weight, nourishing beauty, anti arteriosclerosis, anti-aging and sobering up.


Brewing method:

1. Take out a small green orange tea, peel off the outer layer of handmade cotton paper, remove the "cover" of the small green orange (brewing with the cover will have a bitter taste, so it is recommended to remove it), and boil the boiled water for standby.

2. Put the small green orange with the "cover" removed into the cover bowl, inject water at a uniform speed into the tea hole of the small green orange, fill it with water and cover the bowl. Let stand for about 15 seconds. You can also adjust the soup time according to your taste.

3. Pour water into a fair cup, and then distribute it from the fair cup to each tea cup for tea. This brewing method makes the tea soup taste slower. You can try to be stuffy for more time. It is more suitable for tea friends with light taste.

4. In the above method, the tea soup tastes slowly. If you need to taste fast, you can break the small green orange gently or completely. The orange peel and loose cooked tea are evenly spread at the bottom of the cover bowl. After washing the tea, brew it with hot water for about 10 seconds. This brewing method can make the taste come out quickly and quickly integrate the taste of orange and cooked tea, This brewing method is more suitable for tea friends who like strong taste.

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