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Smart Agriculture

The main force of developing agricultural and rural modernization is the construction of smart agriculture. Through the application of the Internet of things in the agricultural field, the agricultural development route of automation, industrialization, standardization, scale, refinement and internationalization will set off a new development wave.

It is a high standard, modern and intelligent modern agricultural poverty alleviation industrial park integrating picking sightseeing, leisure tourism and seedling cultivation. Covering an area of 700 mu, the park has built 74 modern intelligent solar greenhouses, 15000 extension meters, and planted more than 30 kinds of characteristic fruits and 97000 plants, including 45000 organic pitaya and 24000 big cherry. After reaching the production capacity, the annual output of fire dragon fruit is 150000 kg and large cherry is 500000 kg, with an annual income of 9 million yuan. Through the implementation of the smart agriculture project in 2020, Runyi industrial park can save 60% - 70% of personnel investment on the original basis, save a total of 800000-1 million yuan per year, and increase the output by at least 20% per year, totaling 2 million yuan per year.

In addition, through the substitution of smart agriculture projects, the production plan of the park realizes standardized planting with the help of the production model in the expert system. Through the agricultural e-commerce platform and smart agriculture system, the agricultural industry alliance is established locally and large-scale planting is achieved, which greatly improves the competitiveness and bargaining power of agricultural products in the consumer market.

Technical basis

Combined with the overall planning and design of smart agriculture, using the domestic leading technologies such as Internet of things, sensors, big data and GIS, build the overall framework of "perception layer - network layer - platform layer - application layer", realize information sharing, data mining and real scene display, and ensure the sustainable development of visual management of crop planting. That is, the data of small meteorological stations, soil temperature and humidity sensors and other equipment are transmitted to the computer control center through the communication network for data synthesis and analysis, and accurate soil investigation, rational fertilization, crop yield estimation, agricultural environment monitoring and rational land use are carried out according to these information, so as to change the extensive agricultural management mode, Improve the ability of animal and plant disease prevention and control, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, and lead the development of modern agriculture.

The overall technical architecture of the smart agriculture construction scheme is designed as follows

Application interaction layer:

Combine the latest technologies of Internet of things, sensors and big data with applications such as agricultural data collection and integrated water and fertilizer control, and display the overall intelligent operation through a unified information management center to create an intelligent crop planting management and brand.

Relying on GIS or three-dimensional map, accurately locate and visually display agricultural "people, things, places, things, conditions" and other elements, realize visual crop planting management dashboard, and provide multi-dimensional visual display and analysis, so that managers can understand agricultural irrigation and crop growth in each region in real time, so as to provide intelligent decision support for crop planting, Effectively improve the efficiency of crop planting management.

Construction content

The whole smart agriculture system construction will be based on the principles of overall planning, highlighting key points, step-by-step implementation, simplicity and ease of use and improving cost performance, and can provide long-term agricultural monitoring data. Combined with digital agrometeorological information, early warning information, 5g network foundation and management experience, carry out big data analysis and report, so as to provide valuable empirical data and reference basis for crop planting, so as to ensure that agricultural products can increase output and realize large-scale production; It also ensures the standardization of the production quality of agricultural products; Realize traceability and visualization in combination with safety traceability system; Connect with e-commerce platform to achieve marketization.

The system is mainly divided into four layers:

1. Information collection layer: collect important data information through a variety of sensors and detection instruments and upload it to the system network;

2. System platform: store and analyze the uploaded data, and make implementation plans and early warning measures according to the data analysis results;

3. Control facilities: realize the control of facilities, such as fertilization, irrigation, ventilation, etc;

4. Display system: display and query all operation, collection, early warning and management information through visualization system, mobile phone, computer and other media.

Visual control center

Through a large number of sensor nodes in the target area, real-time collection of crop planting environment information such as soil temperature and humidity, air temperature and humidity and so on, and summary to the platform, relevant staff can monitor and analyze the data through the platform, and mobilize and control various executable equipment as needed, such as drip irrigation control valve.

In the whole process of intelligent agriculture management, the visual platform combined with expert decision-making AI system analyzes the spatial location of crop planting and the correlation relationship of environmental parameters, and carries out panoramic management on the intelligent operation of agriculture with the help of the global command and control center. The visualization platform can realize the functions of graphical intelligence information query, visual correlation analysis, evidence chain and intelligence clue discovery through data processing, storage management, visual interactive analysis and other technologies.

The visualization system can display the important Internet of things data, video and other information in the park in an all-round way, conduct unified management and analysis, and master the trend of the park in real time; Report the production and supervision of the park to the leaders and superiors at any time.

Intelligent collection of crop information data

The system can be externally connected with weather stations, soil temperature and humidity sensors, etc., automatically collect environmental parameters such as air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity and light intensity in the crop planting area, and automatically compare them with the preset values. When the comparison results are significantly different, relevant equipment will be automatically turned on to maintain the environment within the preset standard range.

Intelligent monitoring system for crop planting based on Internet of things

The field weather station is used to collect the information of air temperature, air humidity, light, carbon dioxide, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, soil pH value, soil EC (conductivity), soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. When the climate information exceeds the normal value, measures can be taken in time to reduce the losses caused by natural disasters.

Agricultural video monitoring system

With the development of crop planting scale, there are two most troublesome problems for operators as crop Growers: one is the anti-theft problem of their crops; Second, the growth status of crops. Most operators set up camp in the field and guard day and night. The larger the scale of crop planting, the more costs and manpower will be invested in nursing, which seriously restricts the development and expansion of production areas.

After deploying the "thousand mile eye" of agricultural video monitoring system, managers can remotely view and manage the growth of agricultural crops and equipment operation anytime and anywhere, greatly reducing the workload. Video surveillance also provides a reliable picture basis for the remote diagnosis of vegetable diseases and pests and the traceability of agricultural products in the later stage.

Intelligent control of greenhouse equipment

By selecting and deploying intelligent environmental information collection equipment for data collection, and then remotely transmitting data to the environmental Internet of things system for data process analysis and statistical analysis, the end user can realize real-time monitoring, remote control and intelligent production anytime and anywhere, so as to realize the fine management of vegetable growth.


Rapid detection of soil nutrients

The content and proportion of soil nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter) can be quickly determined by extracting soil samples from planting land, so as to carry out scientific and reasonable soil testing and formula fertilization.

Agricultural product quality and safety traceability system

The traceability system uses the Internet of things technology to realize the real-time monitoring of planting environment information, and uploads the detection data of agricultural products to the system platform. Each batch of agricultural products leaving the factory will be tested for professional items such as pesticide residues, and only qualified products will be allowed to be sold.

Soil moisture monitoring system

It is an Internet of things sensor that can measure the moisture, temperature, air temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure and other parameters of three soil profiles at the same time. It adopts imported industrial chips with high precision, high sensitivity and fast response. The solar cell is used to supply power to the system, collect and detect the soil volume moisture content regularly. The system wirelessly transmits the data to the cloud server platform through 4G / GSM / GPRS. The user can scan the code through wechat or log in to the server to view the monitoring data.


Agricultural e-commerce platform

Agricultural e-commerce platforms can be established locally or connected with third-party e-commerce platforms. In addition, in order to improve the efficiency of commodity trading, Generally, the internal purchase, sales and inventory management system (RRP) is used in stores with large transaction volume, so as to realize the functions of intelligent order processing, batch loading, automatic order splitting and closing, intelligent wave picking, etc. the agricultural information traceability system can establish a unified docking interface standard with the mainstream ERP system, so as to automatically upload the traceability information of agricultural products in batches.

Agricultural management module

Based on plot management and crop management, record and generate agricultural production files according to the actual agricultural production process. The management scope covers the whole process of planting, irrigation, fertilization, medication, picking and so on. This module includes: Agricultural log, crop management, basic management and harvest management, sales management.

Water fertilizer integrated irrigation system

Measure the area of the project area and crop row spacing, and design the drip irrigation or nozzle system scheme according to the actual situation of the base. The automation of water and fertilizer is realized by laying drip irrigation belt, sprinkler irrigation system, water and fertilizer integrated machine and solar power supply wireless control valve. According to the planting plan, the rotation irrigation scheme, soil testing formula fertilization scheme and fertilization scheme can be set.

The fertilization and irrigation plan and implementation procedures can be set remotely through mobile app, which can also be operated on site to meet the needs of crop irrigation water and fertilizer in the project area. Equipped with single tank or multi tank fertilization tank, frequency conversion pump, frequency conversion controller and other equipment, it can be flexibly used for irrigation and fertilization of various terrain and crops.

Fertilizer applicator

Realize remote detection and control of wireless agricultural cloud IOT app and platform through WiFi or 4G network;

10 Inch Touch configuration display screen control, Chinese man-machine interface display, data acquisition and storage, equipment control, remote access and other functions;

The system has manual, automatic, timing, quantitative and mixing control functions. It is displayed in the full Chinese interface. It has simple structure and convenient operation. The management personnel can adjust the parameters appropriately through the interface according to the actual situation, or carry out irrigation and fertilizer management under human intervention according to experience, with great operability.

The fertilizer absorption capacity is 0-600l per hour, which can absorb more than three kinds of fertilizer solutions at the same time; Stainless steel fertilizer pump;

Collection and display of cumulative fertilization flow, and collection of float flowmeter and Hall flowmeter;

Three way mixing control, with timing and fertilizer injection follow-up mixing function;

The head control function of water source is equipped with four-way external solenoid valve control function as standard; EC Value and pH value detection;

One way frequency converter linkage control;

Corrosion resistant industrial PVC pipes and high-quality pipe fittings; Durable aluminum alloy frame, beautiful;

Control software can be written according to user requirements;

Cost savings of 39% compared with similar products in the market with the same function


Wireless solar solenoid valve (valve) controller

This equipment solves the situation that there is no electricity in the farmland base and it is inconvenient to set up lines;

The equipment is powered by solar energy;

The 433MHz communication module is used for wireless communication, which can be remotely controlled with the fertilizer applicator, and cooperate with the mobile app to remotely and on-site operate each piece of irrigated and fertilized farmland;

The equipment has its own mounting rod and ground cage, which can be installed at any position;

The hole diameter of the solenoid valve can be adjusted according to the actual situation. (e.g. 32mm, 40mm, etc.)

Construction scheme and installation case of integrated irrigation of water and fertilizer


Remote information pest monitoring and reporting system

The pest situation monitoring and reporting system shall be installed in the area covered by the project. By capturing the number, species and types of pests in the base, after taking high-definition photos, the pictures shall be uploaded to the mobile phone terminal or computer PC terminal, so as to achieve early detection and early warning of pests, and judge the current pest situation of the base according to scientific information. According to this method, when to use biological pesticides, how much to use, and other prevention and control means to make a scientific and effective plan.

According to the actual situation, you can set the time measurement or light measurement, and set the automatic photographing time and interval. The solar power supply system and 4G transmission module can ensure normal operation for at least 1 week under bad weather conditions.

Sewage treatment monitoring system

At the inlet and outlet of the sewage treatment plant, the whole process online monitors the water quality, and the monitoring indicators include COD, suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and five conventional parameters (conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH / ORP, turbidity and temperature).


Catalogue of smart agricultural products

Agricultural information products

Name Picture System introduction
Agricultural environment information automatic monitoring system

(agricultural visualization system)
Smart Park solutions

(smart Park visualization system)

Apply the intelligent Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and wireless sensor technology to traditional agriculture, configure wireless sensors to automatically collect the information of soil nutrients, moisture temperature, air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity, and query and monitor the planting environment online through mobile phones or computers, so as to improve the real-time, automatic and intelligent level of agricultural environment monitoring, Transform traditional agriculture into intelligent agriculture and digital agriculture.
Agricultural product quality and safety traceability system Quality and safety traceability solutions for agricultural products

Configure production process quality management facilities, equipment and quality traceability system, establish multi-level quality and safety monitoring network of agricultural products, and realize the whole process traceability of agricultural products from the source to the dining table; Relying on the central control end platform and the upper computer industrial control system, the generation, printing and query of one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code database of detection information are integrated to realize the whole production process monitoring and product quality traceability;
Agricultural law enforcement input supervision system Regulatory solutions for agricultural law enforcement (inputs)

Supervise the transactions of agricultural inputs in real time, and record, upload, query and count them; Unified management of label information of all agricultural inputs; Realize the examination and approval of inputs and dealers' qualifications, and improve the supervision of qualifications in the field of agricultural materials; Establish an inspection system and record for law enforcement supervision and management of agricultural inputs; Establish a filing system for input products and agricultural materials distribution enterprises; Establish an early warning system for agricultural input transaction information management.
Water fertilizer integrated irrigation system Agricultural intelligent water and fertilizer integrated irrigation solution

According to the actual soil moisture and nutrients of agricultural land, the monitoring data are transmitted to the system platform in real time to realize automatic water and fertilizer irrigation. Multi layer monitoring of soil moisture, formulation of the best irrigation scheme, water conservation and Fertilization on demand. The automation system saves manpower and can be operated remotely, which is more convenient and fast.
Product label traceability system (agricultural) product label traceability query system (can be formulated)

Provide product traceability query system for brand enterprises. It can realize the whole process traceability from origin, raw materials, processing and production, (third-party) inspection and detection, standardized production, logistics distribution to e-commerce platform. The whole process information query can be realized by scanning the product QR code label with mobile phone.


Agricultural product quality and safety traceability testing equipment

Name Model Picture Function introduction
Agricultural residue detection traceability bar code integrated machine CTNNY-12 - 12 channel detection, which can be set separately Capacity and timing;

- High intelligent Android operating system; Seven inch color touch Screen;

- Networking function (wired and wireless WiFi);

- Transfer detection data to agricultural products through special account Product quality and safety supervision and traceability information platform;

- Integrated design of detection and traceability function; Print segments QR code label;

- Metal shell, which can shield external interference signals;

-Automatically generate "edible agricultural product certificate"

Pesticide residue rapid tester CTNNY-IV - 8-channel detection and programmed control;

- 5.3-inch LCD backlight Chinese character display;

- The host is equipped with standard RS232 interface to realize the test The data is uploaded synchronously, equipped with PC-side agricultural residue detection software to receive the data uploaded by the test host, the user sets the relevant contents of the tested samples, and generates the database to analyze the test data;

- Metal case, shielding interference signal

- Embedded thermal printer can print results quickly;
Agricultural residue card detector CTNNY-MP16 - Rapid detection of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits by enzyme chip methodStay;

- Sixteen channel detection;

- Blue LCD display, voice prompt;

- Temperature 30-50 ℃ adjustable
Multifunctional food safety detector CTNNY-DC60 - Test items: it can quickly detect pesticide residues, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde, white block, sulfur dioxide, nitrite, hydrogen peroxide and other items in various foods (the test items can be increased according to the demand, and the price can be adjusted accordingly);

- Android intelligent operating system, WiFi networking upload, 4G transmission and Bluetooth transmission functions, fast upload data;

- 12 detection channels, which can test multiple channels at the same time Samples, each sample works independently under program control without mutual interference;

-7-inch LCD touch screen display (resolution 1024 * 600), humanized Chinese operation interface.




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