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Dark red rose tea

Rose tea / Herb tea / Flower tea

Brief introduction of Dark red rose tea



Dark red rose originated in France. It is one of the edible rose varieties planted in Yunnan. It is known as "not old snow lotus" on the red soil of Yunnan. It has a unique shape, with a plant height of about 60cm, 30-35 double petals, a flower diameter of 10-12cm, strong and pure fragrance, a flowering period of April to December, a long flowering period and a large number of flowers.

Main functions and applicable groups of dark red rose tea:

01. Soothe the liver and relieve depression

Dark red rose tea can warm and nourish people's heart, liver and blood, relax the depression in the body, calm, comfort, relieve emotional pressure, regulate mood, and is suitable for people with grumpy temper caused by high work pressure.

02. Balance endocrine

Dark red rose tea is warm in nature. Drinking it persistently helps to regulate endocrine, regulate menstruation and improve menstrual pain. It is suitable for people with gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea caused by endocrine disorders.

03. Beauty and skin care

Dark red rose is rich in vitamins A, C, B, e and K, as well as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are important elements for anti-oxidation and anti-aging. Women insist on drinking dark red rose tea, which helps to soothe the liver, relieve depression, promote qi and blood circulation, beauty and beauty. It is suitable for women who love beauty.

04. Cardiovascular protection

The anthocyanins and tannic acid contained in dark red rose have significant effects on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Drinking dark red rose tea for a long time can promote qi and blood circulation, protect the heart and protect the heart. It is suitable for people with too much alcohol and tobacco, irregular diet and staying up late.

05. Shumianan pressure

Drinking black rose tea helps to relieve the depressed mood in the heart, reduce pressure and achieve a healthy look. Drinking ink red rose tea is helpful to sleep. Ink red rose tea does not contain theophylline and will not cause insomnia. Drinking ink red rose tea before going to bed can help sleep. It is suitable for people with insomnia caused by high work pressure and emotional anxiety.

06. Diuresis and detoxification

Adhere to drinking black red rose tea, which has the effect of diuresis and moistening intestines, helps the body discharge toxins, and is suitable for sub-health people with unhealthy diet and toxin accumulation in the body.


Besides soaking in water, dark red roses can also be used as rose paste, rose cookies, flower cakes, nougat and other delicacies.




Brewing method of dark red rose:

1. 60 ~ 70 ℃ water temperature, water injection, wake up tea once, ten seconds.

2. Continue to inject water, soak each bubble for about 2-3 minutes, and then drink. Dark red roses will bloom slowly in the water, with rich aroma and sweet taste.

3. The third time, use a tea clip to hold the rose pedicle and shake it gently. After soaking for about 3 minutes, you can drink it. The rose aroma is fragrant. The taste is sweet, and the saliva is long-lasting and delicate.

4. At the beginning of the fifth bubble, shake the flowers with a tea clip, peel the petals slowly and soak for 3 minutes


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