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Cotton Processing Line

Name of Machine


Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
Open cocoon machine

Part No : 7CTNM-01

Dimension (mm): 1000×750×1460

Roller Diameter (mm): 800

Brush roll diameter (mm): 140

Motor Power: 220V 2.2KW

Motor Speed (RPM): 1420-1450

The width of output (mm): 620

Weight (kg): 300

Machine features:

1, high efficiency, instant, instant change cocoon silk;

2, the machine occupies a small, uniform thickness of the material, easy to adjust;

3, rocker design manual feed, no energy restriction site;

4, glove box design, clean up debris and more convenient;

5, the bottom of the machine 4 casters, "move" more convenient;

6, the unique foot brake, safer and more intimate.

Cotton Fluffer


Part No : 7CTNM-02

Capacity: ≥50kg/h

In the cotton roller diameter (mm): 38

In the cotton roller speed: 7.9/min

Roller diameter: 220mm

Roller speed: 2000/min

Out womb width: 800mm

Electric power: 220v

Fitting motor power: 2.2kw

This machine is a new generation vacuum bomb flower machine, the machine has a vacuum bomb flower care function, with electricity, safe, reliable, high yield advantage is the user's preferred bedding products processing shop. Suitable bedding processing shop users, old and new processing cotton, wool, sweaters, short fiber, breaking seed, waste yarn, linen, polyester cotton, cloth angle, supporting the use of quilting with the computer.


Combed cotton carding machine


Part No : 7CTNM-03

Electric power: 220v

Total power: 3.0kw

Capacity (kg/h): 40

Effective width of motor: 1550-2550

Motor speed (roll/min): 1400

Chopping knife box Motor speed (roll/min): 1400

Cylinder: 400

Doffer: 219

Wiper roll: 73*3

Dimension (mm) <L*W*H>: 2300x2700x1450

Weight: 1500kg

Perfectly combines all the advantages of combing and carding machine, get rid of the old carding machine, carding processing a single product defects. Can be processed: old cotton, a variety of wool, chemical fiber, cotton, wool old clothes and so on. Convenient molding. Green machine: There suction device, to ensure the health of workers. Shortcut: forming eliminating tedious manual elaborate. Security: The machine guard to ensure the safety of workers eliminating concerns.

Computerized quilting machine



Part No : 7CTNM-04

Dimension: 2800x2800x1400mm

Weight: 1000kg

Needle speed (needle/min): 2000

Needle range: 2-10mm

Sewing thickness: 1200g/m2

The head performance: single, double line, lock switch, big hook

Power: 200v, 50HZ, 1.5kw

Capacity: 2-3 couches/min

References to international advanced technical expertise to design and manufacture a national initiative, the latest generation of full mobile computer quilting, the machine main parts imported components, has a smaller footprint, the structure is more reasonable, more automated, more precision quilting well, the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

    Price List

 Name of Product  FOB Price (USD)

7CTNM-01 Open cocoon machine

7CTNM-02 Cotton Fluffer  
7CTNM-03 Combed cotton carding machine  
7CTNM-04Computerized quilting machine  


Cotton Feeding Machine

1.GA1171C Type Automatic Feeding Box (with autoleveller)


Main specifications

Single product 20-60 kg
Machine size 950-1490 mm
Opening roller diameter Ф242 mm
Feed roller diameter Ф98 mm
To cotton deceleration motor 0.2 kw(1:300)
Opening roller motor 0.75 kw
Fan 0.75 kw
Outline dimensions 3360 x 1490 x 520

2.GA1171F Type Automatic Feeding Box (with autoleveller)

Main specifications

Unde the cotton box output roller diameter Ф120 mm,output of Luo Lachang
Output roller center distance to the cotton plate 170 mm
The lower box outlet 950 x 100 mm
On the distribution channel of 1050 mm
Cotton box output roller diameter Ф120 mm
Beater diameter Ф250 mm    speed: 800 rpm
Outline dimensions  1430 x 600 x 3300 mm
Installed power 1.5 kw


3.GA1171 Type Automatic Feeding Box

Main specifications

Suitable fibre Cotton synthetic and all other man-made fibers in length less than 78mm
Wording width 950 mm
Production Up to 100 kg/h
Diameter of feed roller Ф120 mm
Diameter of opening roller Ф260 mm
Blower speed 2840 r/min
Air displacement 600 m³/h, -500 Pa
Installed power 3.4 kw
Overall dimension(W x L x H) 1614 x 600 x 2800 mm
Net weight About 1400 kg

4.Continuous Cotton Supply Control System

Main specifications

Maximum air flow (m³/h) 4000
Maximum pressure (Pa) 1500
Range of speed (RPM) 750-3000
Motor power (kw) 4.0-5.5
Entrance size (mm) 130 x 250
Outlet size (mm) 130 x 250
Net weight (kg) 100

Price List

 Name of Product  FOB Price (USD)

GA1171C  Automatic Feeding Box (with autoleveller)

GA1171F   Automatic Feeding Box (with autoleveller)  
GA1171    Automatic Feeding Box  
Continuous Cotton Supply Control System