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Baojing Gold Tea


Brief introduction of Baojing Gold Tea

Baojing Gold Tea is an ancient, specific and rare local tea variety resources growing in Baojing County of Hunan. So far, there are still more than 400 years of ancient tea trees, and the allusion of “a pound of gold exchanged a pound of tea”. Wuling mountain area is one of the two Golden Triangle of green tea in China. Gold Village, the origin of Baojing Gold Tea located in 300 degrees north latitude, is the center of Wuling mountain area, about 325m altitude, annual average temperature of 16.1℃, annual precipitation of 1400 mm, annual sunshine of 1270hr, no frost period of 288d, and the soil parent material in plate shale dominated with pH 4.2~5.5. There are many mountains and valleys, the winter without cold, the summer without heat, mist-shrouded, sufficient diffuse light, it’s just the treasure place for mountain mist tea. The flow of cold river stretches 17km, goes through the tea area.
Baojing Gold Tea, At present, we have selected the tea varieties of Baojing Gold Tea No. 1, No. 2, developed three kinds of tea products of green tea, black tea and white tea.

Baojing Gold Green Tea

Jade green with pekoe appearance, high and lasting fragrance, fresh and mellow taste, bright yellow-green liquor color, tender and even infused leaf. It has "cool and strong", "four wonder and four high" in quality characteristics, "four wonder" refer to "fragrant, green, cool, mellow", "four high" is high contents of amino acids, tea polyphenols, water extracts and chlorophyll. Among them. the amino acids contents were up to 7.47%, and were two times of other varieties of the same period, the tea polyphenols content reached about 20%, the water extracts content reached a maximum of 50%, the chlorophyll content was 50% higher than other varieties in the same period, so it was praised as one of the best green tea in China.

Baojing Gold Black Tea

Tight even cable shape, black bloom color, strong and lasting fragrance, sweet, fresh and mellow taste, combining sweet of Keemun black tea and mellow of Yunnan black tea in one, brilliant red liquor color, bright red infused leaf, with the characteristics of "fragrant, sweet, fresh, mellow", was considered to be one of China's best small-leaf black tea. It has health effects of "beautifying, nourishing the stomach, keeping in good health and nature-cultivation".

Baojing Gold White Tea

Leaf shape like fresh leaves, green with red, strong flower aroma, sweet mellow taste, orange liquor color, tender shoots. It was said that "white tea for a year is medicine of three years, treasure of seven years ", and has remarkable effects of “beautifying, anti-inflammatory, reducing pathogenic fire, lowering blood sugar”, the Sri Lankan people said that it can treat arthritis, some people said that it can prevent cold early, so it’s passionately in love by tea lovers. Tea polyphenols in white tea are natural antioxidants to protect cardiovascular, amino acids in it can anti-virus and enhance immunity, there is also a series of natural ingredients to promote fat metabolism, control insulin secretion, and promote blood sugar balance.


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