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2021-Global promotion for green tea


Liu nianyan / Senior professor

Implement the strategy of China tea industry for the global manufacturing development

Liu nianyan

Abstract: China is the hometown of tea. For thousands of years, Chinese tea has been widely loved by people all over the world, and has become a common cultural heritage of mankind, carrying the yearning for future human life and promoting human health. Compared with other countries in the world, "Chinese tea" has unparalleled global development advantages. How to understand and grasp the new trend of global tea industry development, re-examine China's advantages and rebuild China's global manufacturing is a major strategic issue that must be studied in order to realize the globalization of Chinese tea industry. The author, focusing on the topic of Chinese tea industry as a global manufacturing, puts forward the views from two aspects of theory and practice, which can be used for reference by government departments and relevant organizations of tea industry globalization.

1、 Foundation and conditions
(1) Resources
1. Germplasm. China is the origin and origin of tea. Compared with other tea producing countries in the world, China tea germplasm resources have origin characteristics. The tea varieties in China are abundant in resources and widely distributed in the region. There are excellent varieties with good taste and good appearance, varieties that meet the requirements of different tea production, national varieties and local varieties resources. The tea varieties of East, South, West, North and middle tea have their own characteristics. In addition, the advantages of variety resources of health tea industry are also accelerating the formation. The diversified germplasm resources have created conditions for China to innovate diversified tea products and meet the needs of global diversified market.
2. Raw materials. According to incomplete statistics, by 2015, 18 tea producing provinces, cities and districts in China have a total area of 4316 million mu, which has been growing year by year for many years. In 2015, the tea garden area of Hubei, Guizhou, Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces increased by more than 200000 mu. According to preliminary statistics, the current area of picking is 33.87 million mu. With the large-scale tea garden entering the period of high production year by year and the improvement of the management level of tea garden, the production capacity of fresh leaf raw materials of tea will rise to a new stage. In the next period, China's tea products will form a huge supply market.

3. Structure. First, the structure of tea garden is optimized. From the national perspective, the area proportion of the asexual fine seed tea garden increased by 1.2 percentage points, 56.5% year on year, and the proportion of organic tea garden area increased by 0.3%, to 6.2%. Second, the structure optimization of tea. In the dry tea production, the proportion of green tea and oolong tea decreased, the proportion of black tea, black tea, white tea and yellow tea increased, and the proportion of six tea categories was more balanced. Third, the new tea has grown rapidly. The main reason is the rapid growth of herbal health tea. In general, the rapid development of high-quality green tea, special tea and herbal health tea has created conditions for the development of a new global market in China's tea industry.
(2) Product manufacturing capacity
1. Production. According to relevant data, the output of dry Maocha in 2015 was 2.78 million tons, and the output in 2015 alone increased by 8.9% compared with that in 2014. In particular, Guizhou Province has an increase of 40000 tons, Fujian, Sichuan and Yunnan each increased by more than 20000 tons. In addition, the six tea categories increased production in an all-round way, including white tea increased by more than 50%, black tea and yellow tea increased by more than 10%.
2. Output value. According to preliminary calculation, in 2015, the output value of dry Maocha was 151.92 billion yuan, an increase of 17.71 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6%. Among them, the output value of famous and excellent tea is 103.8 billion yuan, increasing by 14.44 billion yuan, increasing 16.3%; the output value of bulk tea is 48.12 billion yuan, increasing by 2.47 billion yuan, increasing by 5.4%. The output value of dry Maocha in Guizhou, Sichuan, Zhejiang and Shaanxi increased by 4.98 billion yuan, 2.7 billion yuan, 1.86 billion yuan and 1.65 billion yuan respectively.
3. Enterprise. At present, there are 80000 tea processing enterprises with an average annual processing capacity of 15 tons and more than 1100 fine processing plants, with an average annual processing capacity of 500 tons. In addition, the manufacturing capacity of tea drinks, various flower grass tea, tea extraction and other product forms has been rapidly improved.
4. Equipment. There are more than 120 tea machinery enterprises of different types in China. From the management machinery of tea garden to the technological innovation of diversified product production technology and equipment, it supports the diversified innovation and manufacture of tea products in China. The innovation of tea packaging equipment in China has a great leading advantage in the world. Because of the diversity of tea raw materials and products in China, it has created a broad market for the innovation of tea equipment in China.
(3) Green tea and special tea
1. Green tea. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, China's large amount of green tea reached 1.285 million tons, an increase of 95000 tons, an increase of 8.0%. The famous green tea is 993000 tons, an increase of 91 thousand tons, an increase of 10.1%, accounting for 43.6% of the total national output.
2. Special tea. In 2015, the output of black tea increased 58400 tons, reaching 280400 tons, an increase of 26.33%; the output of black tea increased 38100 tons, reaching 215300 tons, an increase of 21.55%; Wulong tea increased by 12600 tons, reaching 245400 tons, an increase of 5.45%; white tea increased 4106 tons, reaching 15708 tons, an increase of 35.39%; yellow tea increased by 884 tons, reaching 3109 tons, an increase of 39.73%.
3. Herbal health tea. Health tea is a new force in the rapid growth of Chinese tea industry. The rapid growth of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, sweet tea and traditional Chinese herbal tea is leading the development of new tea products.
(4) Innovation ability
1. Personnel training. There are three levels of tea talent training in China: first, the traditional university education, such as Hunan Agricultural University, Anhui Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University, has a complete discipline system and talent research and training system. In China, the major agricultural universities in the tea producing areas have tea majors. Secondly, various kinds of tea training institutions are very active. For example, relying on the technical strength of many famous universities and scientific research institutes such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Jiangnan University, Hunan Agricultural University and Anhui Agricultural University, the professional teaching staff and advanced teaching practice methods are used to train all kinds of talents. Third, various kinds of social training emerge in endlessly. The formal universities and research institutions are the main body, the training of folk associations and the popularization of tea culture are combined. The comprehensive three-dimensional training system has been formed.
2. Technological innovation. First, the investment in science and technology supports scientific and technological innovation. The scientific and technological innovation of tea industry in China is a scientific and technological innovation system supported by the government, led by university scientific research institutions, participated by leading enterprises, and combined with production, study and research. Secondly, the whole innovation of the whole industry chain of tea industry is realized. There are germplasm oriented, product oriented, tea garden management, new industrialization mode innovation, new processing technology and equipment innovation, etc. Third, scientific and technological innovation has become a new driving force for the transformation and upgrading of traditional tea industry. The rapid development of science and technology innovation of tea industry has created conditions for the development of new and extended industries of tea industry in China, and the new tea industry has developed rapidly.
3. Innovation of new business form. First, the innovation of industrialization mode promotes the traditional tea industry to accelerate the reform. The combination of raw material base, tea garden raw material production base and leading enterprises is becoming the main body of tea industry industrialization mode in China. Secondly, the new market business forms are developing continuously. The traditional tea industry is combined with the Internet, and the traditional single wholesale market is being replaced by multiple markets. Tea exchange, tea e-commerce, platform tea industry global market is leading the development of tea industry. Third, new industries are constantly being created. The combination of tea industry and culture has accelerated the innovation of tea industry and produced a new type of tea industry. On this basis, the continuous innovation of tea industry extension industry, such as tea set, tea clothing, tea decoration, tea experience tourism industry, is forming a new type of tea industry. The industrialization of tea industry service is forming a new type of tea industry cluster development. Fourth. The multi-functional innovation of tea industry promotes the integration of industry, the organic combination of tea garden and agricultural tourism, expands the multi-functional industrial resources of tea industry, and promotes the innovation and development of new tea industry with leisure experience as the main body.
(5) Modern equipment
1. It's all wide. First, different tea types have different processing equipment, green tea, black tea, black tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, flower grass tea and so on have processing machinery and matching. Second, the processing technology of different processing links in the whole tea industry chain is constantly innovating, from breeding, seedling breeding and tea garden management, innovation of different product forms, packaging technology of tea products, etc., and various kinds of mechanical equipment are complete. Third, different levels, varieties, different regions also have different processing equipment to support the development of regional tea industry.
2. The world is leading. As the basis and main raw material of tea manufacturing in China are green tea, green tea has diversified varieties. China's green tea is the world leader in processing equipment in the aspects of anti-green, rolling, forming, drying and fragrance raising. In addition, because of the different shapes of tea in China and the technical requirements of different raw materials for different products, China has the global competitive advantage in the single machine combination of green tea processing, the supporting capacity of the whole set of equipment and the intelligent equipment.
3. One power is a solo show. Special tea processing technology and equipment are unique. Processing of Oolong tea, black tea, flower grass tea and other products is unique to China. It is the inheritance and development of tea making technology in the past thousand years. It is the most concentrated and most prominent feature of tea industry development in China, and also the industrial advantage of future development.
4. Complete set. First, tea processing equipment in China, from raw materials to finished products processing, from finished product processing to end product packaging is matched. Secondly, complete set of technical equipment is the biggest feature of technological innovation in Chinese tea industry. From finished products to deep processing, from raw material production to packaging technology of different product shapes, whether technical equipment or related materials are matched by self-contained system. From the end products, from processing to packaging materials matching, complete samples. Third, the matching of processing technology and materials and the supply of complete equipment are the great advantages of tea processing equipment supply in China.
5. Intelligent. First, it is the intelligence of single machine. Like a raw material, different types or shapes of products can be produced according to the different market. Packaging into different product forms is accomplished by the intelligent of single machine. Secondly, the automatic intelligent tea processing machine line is becoming the main body of tea production and processing in China, and has become the future development direction of tea equipment in China. The intelligent tea equipment is the technical support and equipment foundation to promote the development of tea industry from production oriented to market-oriented, and from scale manufacturing to personalized manufacturing. Third, the intelligent tea industry in China is connecting with the whole national association, forming the whole intelligent tea industry of the whole industry chain.
(6) Tea culture
1. It's a long time. From the tea of Shennong, we found that tea was first produced by Luyu, and tea industry flourished in the 21st century. In the long river of more than 5000 years of Chinese history, tea is closely connected with people's lives. From detoxification of tea to prosperity of tea industry, from drinking tea to drinking thirst to tea health preservation, it not only promotes the extensive development of Chinese tea industry, but also forms a unique history of tea development. The spread of Chinese tea culture has enriched and influenced the life style of people in the world.

2. Colorful. Chinese tea culture is a valuable cultural heritage of mankind. Compared with other countries and other nationalities, Chinese tea culture shows colorful cultural forms on many levels. It is closely linked with the development of new industry, closely related to people's lifestyle and folk customs. The interpretation of tea culture in the era and the promotion of the artistic innovation and development of tea culture have become the cognitive perspective of the importance of people to relish tea industry. This is a distinctive feature of Chinese tea culture different from other ethnic tea culture.
3. Fusion. The integration of Chinese tea culture is carried out in three aspects: first, the combination of tea culture and tea industry. On the one hand, tea culture provides a platform for the development of tea industry, and culture leads the development of the industry; on the other hand, the development of tea industry carries and spreads the elements of tea culture, showing the style of tea culture; secondly, the combination of tea culture and people's life. Tea is an important gift for people to communicate and exchange etiquette, which conveys people's friendship and affection, and carries the ethical feelings of Chinese civilization; thirdly, the combination of tea culture and tea culture industry. The development and prosperity of tea set, tea ware, tea packaging and tea decoration industry are the full embodiment of tea culture elements in the industry.
4. Innovation. Chinese tea culture is constantly innovating in the inheritance and opening up. First of all, in the historical elements of inheriting tea culture, we should absorb the essence of the times, show the style of the times, and reflect the sense of the times. Secondly, in the opening up, we should pay attention to the exchange and comparison with multi-ethnic tea culture, combine with the introduction of world tea culture, and innovate in comparison, absorption and exchange. Third, tea culture is closely integrated with industrial innovation, and promotes tea culture innovation. Fourth, facing the world, we should wait for innovation in the export and dissemination of Chinese tea culture. This is the most concentrated embodiment of inclusive innovation of Chinese tea culture.

2、 Building global advantages of Chinese tea industry
(1) Create variety resource advantages
First, we should speed up the innovation of traditional tea germplasm resources. The selection of tea varieties should be carried out in three aspects: one is to face and adapt to the mechanized operation, to adapt to the development direction of intelligent tea industry; the second is to meet the personalized requirements and health needs of tea color, fragrance, taste and shape in the global regional market; third, it is to meet the needs of other industries for tea multifunctional components. The innovation of new tea varieties resources must be combined with these three demands.
Secondly, the new tea industry resources should be expanded and planted. Health preservation is the trend of tea industry development in the future, and it is also the essence of tea. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine and new functional plant resources, it is a new growth point for the development of tea industry to establish health preserving tea industry. Since ancient times, Chinese herbal medicine and functional plants have been widely distributed, rich in varieties and have great resource advantages. It is a strategic choice for the development of tea industry in China to accelerate the exploration and innovation of new germplasm resources for both medicine and food, to increase scientific and technological innovation in variety selection and germplasm resources innovation, and to lead the global advantage of health preserving tea industry with resource advantages.
Third, promote resource innovation with scientific and technological innovation. The innovation of tea industry germplasm resources should strengthen the conservation, arrangement and utilization of local germplasm resources in China, introduce foreign high-quality varieties resources, use diversified "high, fine and sharp" technical means, integrate resource innovation and industrial innovation, combine traditional tea tree variety resources with new resources of raising raw tea, and gradually form a global advantage of new tea industry germplasm resources facing the future.
(2) Create high quality product manufacturing advantages
First of all, create a base of high-quality raw materials. Generally speaking, high yield, high quality, high efficiency and ecological environment are the four requirements. The high quality raw material base should have the following characteristics: first, the tea garden base with clones as the main body, and the base should realize the park. Second, it has the characteristics of ecological park, and gradually implements the development of organic tea garden in mountainous areas. Third, the development and design of tea garden should adapt to mechanized picking and management, tea garden landscape, tea production and experience leisure integration. Fourth, the construction of tea garden should be consistent with the market direction of tea processing products.
Secondly, the establishment of intelligent tea industry. In the future, the global competitiveness of tea industry and its ability to occupy the global market depend on three factors: first, the ability of personalized manufacturing oriented to market demand; second, the ability of continuous optimization of the overall business system and reduction of comprehensive operating costs; third, the ability of rapid reflection and Realization of product manufacturing oriented to changes in market demand. In order to achieve the development goals of the three capabilities, we must promote the intellectualization of tea industry, create intelligent industry and realize intelligent manufacturing. First of all, it is necessary to realize the informatization of tea industry. Secondly, it is necessary to realize the intellectualization of tea processing process. Third, we should make extensive use of modern IOT technology, vigorously develop IOT intelligent connection of tea industry, and realize intelligent interaction between tea industry and social economic life. Fourth, promote the intellectualization of management.
Third, innovate user manufacturing and promote manufacturing transformation. The traditional tea industry supply and demand market by production. Modern manufacturing is "user manufacturing", which guides manufacturing by demand, users participate in manufacturing, and manufacturing serves demand. "User manufacturing" solves the contradiction between supply and demand, producers and users, realizes the organic combination of the two, and achieves the purpose of promoting and forming the global manufacturing advantage. How to realize "user manufacturing"? First, realize regional manufacturing. All manufacturing must be combined with the crowd market and operation enterprises in the region. Secondly, promote the whole industry chain user manufacturing. Introduce regional operators and consumers to participate in tea manufacturing. Third, the establishment of demand research, product development, marketing and consumer experience of the combination of new product manufacturing mode.
(3) Enhance the strategic position of superior products
China's regional natural climate conditions are significantly different from other countries. Different regions also have diversity characteristics. On the other hand, due to the differences of national character, natural conditions and eating habits, it has formed a unique category of tea in the world. These tea categories are the basis of the global advantages of China's tea industry.
1. Create the advantage of green tea. The key points are: first, attach importance to the construction of ecological organic green tea export base, and vigorously develop the breeding of suitable green tea varieties. Second, strengthen the innovation of green tea raw material production process to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished products. Third, the construction of intelligent green tea manufacturing industrialization demonstration base should be established to promote intelligent manufacturing and reduce processing costs. Fourth, innovate regional product manufacturing. Facing the global regional market, spread the concept of green tea health, and promote the personalized innovation and manufacturing of products facing different regions, different groups, different ways and habits of drinking tea.
2. Create the advantages of special tea. The beneficial effect of microbial fermented food on human health has been repeatedly proved by scientific research. Black tea, Pu'er tea, white tea and other fermented tea are the unique categories of tea in China. Improving the strategic position of fermented tea in the global market and speeding up the formation of the global advantages of Chinese fermented tea are of great strategic significance to promote the realization of the goal of global manufacturing of Chinese tea industry. First of all, speed up the cultivation of fermented tea global industrial manufacturing base. Secondly, we should promote the technological innovation of the main process, especially the microbial fermentation, and promote the industrialization and standardization of the production of basic raw materials. Third, face the regional market and promote personalized manufacturing. Fourth, promote the development of product function to a healthier, more convenient and more healthy product manufacturing direction.
3. Create innovative advantages of intelligent equipment. The innovation of intelligent tea equipment includes: first, intelligent management and mechanized picking of tea garden; second, tea raw materials from fresh leaf sorting to raw material processing to realize full automation process manufacturing; third, according to market demand, intelligent product production facing market personalized demand is realized in product category, product form, raw material matching and packaging form. With the platform of promoting intelligent tea industry, we will vigorously promote the wide application of intelligent equipment in the whole tea industry chain, and improve the global advantages of intelligent equipment in China.

4. To create the advantages of tea culture industry. The basic direction is to develop the cultural attribute of tea, give full play to the advantages of diversified tea cultural elements in China, and promote the industrial innovation with tea culture as the theme. First, we should promote the fine-quality tea set and tea ware. The fine quality is the organic integration of the characteristics of the times, the artistic beauty and the life breath. Second, promote the innovation of tea cultural element derivatives and promote industrialization. We will develop innovation in tea accessories, tea clothing and tea ceremony appliances. Third, we should create a lifestyle of sharing the fine and common customs, and lead modern life with elegant tea culture, taking the elements of Chinese tea culture as the main body, combining with the needs of human leisure tea culture lifestyle.

(4) Promote the development of tea industry cluster

First, product diversification. While vigorously promoting the global advantages of green tea and special tea, we should vigorously innovate related products, accelerate the functional innovation of traditional tea, and vigorously develop flower and grass health tea.

Secondly, the market is diversified. Facing the world, we should promote the global market on the basis of the regionalization of the market. We should adhere to the combination of tea industry and regional characteristic market, with regional crowd market, with regional group market, and regional tea application market, thus forming a three-dimensional comprehensive market cluster.
Third, the industry is diversified. We should strengthen the development of multiple factors and promote the transformation of the single traditional tea industry to the development of the diversified modern tea industry. Strengthen the leading industry, and play the leading and focusing role of leading industry through the enlargement and strengthening of leading tea industry. Innovation of the industry and support of Zhouyan industry become a new growth point of tea industry development. It can promote the development of industrial clusters and create conditions for the growth of leading industries. Establish the industrial transformation mechanism. The service object is relocated according to the changes of the market, the demand of the object is analyzed and the resource is redistributed. To support the establishment of the system to promote the improvement of cluster capability.
Fourth, the subject is diversified. The main body of tea industry has different nature, and there are different industrial links that are independent and cooperative, and there is a combination of domestic and international. Different entities are encouraged to develop global markets based on the characteristics of different products and different markets.

3、 To create a global tea center and lead the development of global tea industry

With the change of global social and economic structure and the acceleration of its central function, the global tea industry center is shifting from tea consumption to tea origin. This is a major change in the development of global tea industry, and also a great opportunity for the development of the industry in a lifetime. This trend is accelerating.

China has more than 5000 years of tea industry development history, and it is the birthplace of tea. With the rapid development of the modernization of tea industry in China, it has incomparable global advantages in resources, manufacturing capacity, market scale, scientific and technological innovation ability and tea culture. China's tea industry should seize the historic opportunity of the global tea industry development, adapt to the global trend, and meet the great change of the global tea industry, further create global advantages and lead the new trend of global tea industry development.

(1) Build manufacturing center

The establishment and formation of global tea manufacturing center is a leading tea industry project to promote the global manufacturing of Chinese tea industry.

First, we will create a number of modern tea manufacturing bases. The establishment of manufacturing base should reflect the following requirements: first, realize the raw material Park and base. The second is to innovate the manufacturing mode and promote on-demand manufacturing. To build a manufacturing mode of global regional market demand + product R & D + product manufacturing + raw material processing + raw material base; third, improve the manufacturing capacity of products. The core is to create intelligent tea industry, develop the tea industry intelligently, realize the large reduction of processing cost and form low cost advantages. In addition, through promoting intelligent manufacturing, improving resources into products, the ability to make personalized products according to different demands of regional market.
Secondly, we should do a good job in the layout of global industry. The global industrial layout is the regional distribution and allocation of global manufacturing capacity of tea industry, and also the specific measures of market regionalization. The global industrial layout should be well combined with three aspects: one is to combine with the regional market demand. The ultimate goal of industrial distribution is to occupy the regional market, and the characteristics of the regional market determine the specific content of the industrial layout. Second, it combines with the export of Chinese tea raw materials and product manufacturing technology, reflecting the advantages of Chinese manufacturing. Through the control of basic core raw materials and core technology formula, the traditional manufacturing will be pushed forward to the high-end manufacturing direction. Third, it is combined with the output of Chinese equipment. To standardize manufacturing process equipment and processing technology, promote the standardization of product manufacturing in regional market, and lead the global market with standardized technology.

Third, technological innovation supports global manufacturing. First, promote the intelligent tea industry manufacturing. The core of intelligent manufacturing is the wide application of mechanization and information in tea industry manufacturing, which aims to reduce the processing and operation costs and control the quality risk. Intelligent manufacturing promotes the tea industry to face market demand, realizes the transformation from scale to personalized customization, from production manufacturing to consumption type pre manufacturing, from single link manufacturing to whole industry chain partnership manufacturing. Second, support creativity to lead manufacturing. Intelligent will become the key technical support of creative manufacturing, and promote the creation of new market operation mode from "creativity" to "market organization" to "manufacturing Commission". Third, the achievements of scientific and technological innovation promote the formation of new tea industry. The industrialization innovation of tea culture promotes the development of tea culture industry. The functional innovation of tea contains materials promotes the formation of tea application industry. Packaging technology, technical support of tea deep processing, market-oriented and user experience technology innovation will become the driving force of the development of tea new industry.
(2) Building leading market
1. Open to the world. The leading market is a service platform for global tea companies to provide tea business and cooperation. To open up to the world, first, we should adhere to the three facing and three docking. It is aimed at global tea products manufacturers, global purchasing enterprises, public and global users with market platform. Secondly, the global opening-up is promoted by service innovation. Service innovation is to define the market service object, analyze the transaction demand of market main body, and realize global opening through innovation of service products. Third, we will implement the "big advance and big exit" and open up the Chinese market to the world. Chinese enterprises are encouraged to face the global tea producing areas, and increase the purchasing scale of raw material products with distinctive tea quality characteristics and obvious cost competitive advantages, and combine with domestic finished product processing technology to promote and expand the export of tea terminal products. Encourage Chinese equipment enterprises to give full play to the technological advantages of Chinese tea industry, increase global output of high-tech, and promote global services of leading market with "big advance and big output".

2. Global collaboration. The creation of the global leading market should be "based on China, facing the world and cooperating with each other". First, information sharing. Secondly, resource sharing is the key to the information exchange between global tea markets. The purpose of this paper is to share the resources of the main body of the global market, and establish a sharing platform for serving the market body fully; thirdly, the function coordination. We will promote the global division of market functions and realize the organic combination of global market transactions, wholesale, auction, consulting services, etc., so as to realize the leading market play a leading role in the coordination of various market functions in the world.

3. Innovation of service products. The service products of the market are the manifestation of market functions, and service product innovation is the way to realize the market function innovation. To do a good job in service product innovation, first, we should make clear the purpose of service product innovation. It is to reduce the transaction cost, improve the operating efficiency of the market main body and provide the service of excess value. Secondly, we can accurately grasp the market main body's business demand in different periods, and then realize the transformation from the analysis of business demand to the innovation of service product. Third, to promote the service products and realize the effective service as the main body of the market.

4. Build the support system. First, strengthen technical support. Using information technology, promote market operation informatization. Realize the integration of online ordering and offline experience, and the combination of e-commerce and micro business. Secondly, we should strengthen the support of talents. We will train global management talents, introduce, train and establish relevant management innovation teams to improve the global business capability of business personnel. Third, innovation and comprehensive services. We will provide financial innovation services around the needs of the whole industry of tea industry operation. Create cross regional, cross-border logistics and foreign exchange settlement agent platform. Introduce international logistics agency service. Fourth, we should speed up the innovation of the government's public policy service mechanism. Strengthen convenient, fast and safe customs clearance services.

(3) Global spread of tea culture

The global promotion and dissemination of Chinese tea culture should be carried out by the state. This is determined by the cultural value of "Chinese tea". As a friendly messenger of human exchanges, Chinese tea carries the hope of human life in the future. Tea promotes human health, and tea culture transmits human civilization, which is the best carrier for people to realize a happy, healthy and beautiful life and enhance mutual communication. As a common cultural heritage of mankind, Chinese tea is the booster of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, serving the great practice of contemporary Chinese globalization.

Promote and spread the public brand of "Chinese tea" in the world. First, explain the core value. From the perspective of health value, civilization inheritance value and life style innovation value of tea and human development, the core connotation of "Chinese tea" is grasped. Secondly, refine the core elements. The core elements are extracted from the perspectives of historical origin, human cultural exchange, human health and cultural integration. Third, facing the common civilization process of mankind, we should promote and spread the public brand of "Chinese tea" from the view of the high-end and top-level concepts such as concept form and life concept.

Promote the global export of Chinese tea culture industry. First, with the help of global output of relevant industries and the industrial implantation of Chinese tea culture elements, the essence of Chinese tea culture is fully displayed, and the global spread of culture is promoted by industrial globalization; secondly, the industrial resources of Chinese tea culture elements are allocated and explored, the tea culture industry is innovated and the industrialization development of Chinese tea culture elements as resources is vigorously developed. Third, vigorously develop the cultural industry spread with the Chinese tea culture art. Promote the artistic performance of tea culture and the global output of tea appliances and tea gifts.

Promote global integration and innovation of tea culture. With the emphasis on promoting the life and art of tea culture, through the life of tea culture, the exchange of tea culture among different regions and nationalities in the world is widely carried out, so as to promote the deep integration of human tea culture and constantly innovate and enrich Chinese tea culture.

Innovation of the global promotion and dissemination of Chinese tea culture. The key point is to make extensive innovation in the form of communication, the content, the carrier, the main body and the evaluation of the effect of communication by using modern technology. First, we should establish the concept of communication priority. The promotion of "Chinese tea" public brand will lead the global export of tea industry; secondly, we should follow up the industry. The goal of tea culture communication is to serve the output of tea industry, promote the development of industry by cultural communication; third, establish a three-dimensional and diversified communication system, establish publishing, gift giving, various forum platforms and national public platforms. Fourth, the state rewards dissemination. We should establish a comprehensive communication system that combines national communication with folk communication and forms communication and industrial communication.

4、 Policy recommendations

It is a long-term systematic project to implement the Chinese tea industry for global manufacturing, which needs to be well designed from the development, industry and social and cultural aspects. Relevant government departments should formulate relevant encouraging policies, accelerate the cultivation and incubation of global business entities, innovate the global service support system and implement the global open development strategy. The combination of global cultural communication and industrial global output will promote the early realization of this grand project.