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2021-Global promotion for green tea


International tea merchants Union

Tea merchants participating in docking activities or tea enterprises willing to promote through the platform can be listed as members of the global tea merchants alliance and enjoy the rights and interests of the alliance.


6. Sponsor global recruitment

(1) Objects
Global. Main targets: tea producing area government, tea production enterprises, tea machinery and peripheral product manufacturers, tea merchants, tea associations, tea scholars and experts, etc.

(2) Sign up
For those who participate in the sponsor, they need to fill in the "sponsor application form"; select service items.

(3) The early sponsors will enjoy the following project services
1. Free items
(1) Online products in Chinese are free of charge.
(2) Global promotion of 1000 word English translation and exhibition.
2. 10% discount for other paid services.
3. Compile and release the catalogue of global sponsors to the world for free.


7Organization setup

(1) Comprehensive group
Mainly responsible for document drafting, activity organization and implementation coordination.

(2) Domestic promotion group
It is mainly responsible for the promotion of service items, and organizing the government, production enterprises and tea merchants of tea producing areas.

(3) Global promotion and communication group
It is mainly responsible for the construction of global communication system, database construction of tea enterprises and tea merchants in 100 countries, communication with tea merchants, and specific promotion of import and export business. To prepare for the international tea merchants Union.

(4) Executive group
Mainly responsible for the implementation and organization of specific projects.


Application registration form of initiator

manager   tel   wechat  
contact   tel   wechat  
web   email   nation  
Business introduction  





Willingness to cooperate  






Please send to the


Service product order form receipt

product service cost order(O)
Global partners-A      
Global partners-B      
Global partners-C      
Global partners-D      
Remittance Information
U.S. dollar
Payee: Beijing yiyuan economic trade Ltd.
Bank: Bank of china Beijing shi jing shan Sub- branch
Swift No: BKCHCNBJ110
Account No: 3376 5601 5422


Details of service items

number Name of service item service content


Establishing County modern tea export base A. Planning: from the perspective of globalization and regional competitiveness, rural characteristic industrial clusters, and industrial integration, to help rural revitalization to do a good job in regional industrial planning.
B. Brand: help to develop brand design. Establish regional, industrial, enterprise, product and service brand, promote and spread globally.
C. Export base Incubation: export base construction, export mechanism construction, personnel training, export business incubation and other aspects to promote.


Cooperation and docking of global tea company A. Global promotion: entrepreneurs, enterprises, bases, products and brands. The picture, the text and the vision are excellent. Each enterprise has no more than 30000 words. It will be edited by us and translated into English. tea industry Trade: Using Facebook, twitter, ingrams and other global promotion.
B. Accurate docking: unified editing of information, direct promotion of relevant information to tea merchants in 50 countries around the world.
C. Export procurement services.
D. Organize overseas investigation and exhibition.
E. Organize overseas purchasers to visit and discuss cooperation.
2 Sample viewing and ordering meeting of good green tea (Online + offline) exhibition and marketing A. Online: sell enterprise products online on the "rural good product cooperation platform". Arrange multiple enterprise and product mass distribution.
B. Offline: put enterprise products in Maliandao, and set up product exhibition counters in Chayuan and Yishang. Special exhibition activities will be held in communities such as the capital ocean landscape.
C. live broadcast: live broadcast of the tiktok tea broadcast platform by the enterprise.
D. Special session: the sample order meeting will be held by enterprises, tea producing areas and famous tea categories.
3 Purchase order and commissioned production A. Cooperate to establish production base.
B. The production is entrusted to the appointed place. The seller provides packaging.
C. Invest and cooperate to set up a company.
D. Participate in online and offline purchase order meeting.
4 Enterprise development management service A. Planning consultation: production base planning, park planning, rural tea garden tourism planning, enterprise development strategic planning.
B. Personnel training: enterprise personnel training services.
C.Modern governance: select enterprise development consultants.
5 Enterprise public relations management service A. Entrepreneur image: entrepreneurial history, social responsibility, entrepreneurial experience shaping and promotion.
B. Corporate image: experience summary and promotion of development mode.
C. Enterprise brand: brand value positioning, image and promotion.
6 International tea merchants Union Volunteer to join the international tea merchants union and enjoy the service of the union.
7 Award It can be divided into excellent product award, excellent enterprise award, favorite brand award and Excellent Entrepreneur Award.

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