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2021-Global promotion for green tea


2021 China Spring Tea Festival

April is the best time for spring outing and flower appreciation. Peach blossom, apricot blossom, cherry blossom and pear blossom are all in bloom. Flower appreciation is the best time. For tea friends, today should be our tea Festival. Here, at the national agricultural exhibition hall, the 13th China (Beijing) International Tea Industry and Tea Art Expo opens today. Spring tea gathered all over the country. Tasting spring tea and washing spring tea have become tea people's favorite. A mouthful of fresh spring tea is better than April day in the world. When it comes to spring tea, everyone pays close attention to it. I'd like to share the spring tea industry with you in six minutes.

1. Spring tea is produced in four major tea producing areas in China

As we all know, there are four major tea producing areas in China

Southwest tea area: located in Southwest China, including Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Southeast Tibet, southwest tea area is the oldest tea area in China.

South China tea area: South China tea area is located in the south of China, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan and other provinces (regions), which is the most suitable area for tea growth in China.

Jiangnan tea area: Jiangnan tea area is located in the south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China, including Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces, as well as southern Anhui, Southern Jiangsu, southern Hubei and other places. It is the main tea producing area in China, accounting for about 2 / 3 of the total output of the country.

Jiangbei tea area: Jiangbei tea area is located in the North Bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, including Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Shandong and other provinces, and Northern Anhui, Northern Jiangsu, Northern Hubei and other places. Jiangbei tea district mainly produces green tea.

You should know that what we call "spring tea" is that the time of tea production is in spring. Therefore, spring tea is produced in all tea producing areas in China. Spring green tea, spring black tea, spring black tea, spring white tea and spring yellow tea can be produced in spring.

2. In China, spring tea accounts for the majority of tea production

Tea can be produced all year round. As long as the tea garden is well managed and new buds can be produced, tea can be produced. You know, 90% of the tea we buy in the market is spring tea. Why? First, good quality. The taste and appearance are very good, which is more suitable for the consumption habits of Chinese people. Because when Chinese people drink tea, they have to look at the color, aroma and taste of tea. Second, the market is good. Many people buy spring tea for the whole year and drink it at home. Third, drinking spring tea is a tradition. Therefore, in tea producing areas, generally only spring tea is produced, and there is little tea in summer. Oolong tea is better in autumn. In summer and autumn, raw materials may also produce good black tea. Black tea can also be produced in summer and autumn.

3. Spring tea should be popularized

With the diversification of tea market consumption, the development of spring tea industry is also changing: first, tea producing areas are constantly pursuing "famous, excellent, special, early, courtesy". Famous tea from different producing areas has better quality and taste. Second, the pursuit of early spring tea market. This year, there will be spring tea as soon as the Spring Festival is over. In pursuit, the earlier the better. Third, the pursuit of characteristics and differences, personalized. Now, in many places, spring tea pursues white tea, purple tea and so on. Fourth, the pursuit of gift packaging. It's complicated to give. The second is luxury. Fifthly, the market development shows the development trend of combining producing area with selling area. While participating in the spring tea Fair, the enterprises from the producing areas have the help of wanghong, Pinyin and wechat.

4.The prospect of spring tea is getting better and better

First, the market will be bigger and bigger. In fact, everyone wants to drink spring tea. The original purchase is not convenient, now there are online, origin, fair in various forms. Many young people also like spring tea. Purchase convenience promotes market expansion. Second, the quality will be better and better. Now the management level of tea garden is higher and higher, the market competition pressure is more and more big, the enterprise must win by the quality. The quality of spring tea will be better and better. Third, the variety will be more and more colorful. It has various shapes, many places of origin and more and more names. Fourth, prices have been rising steadily. The main reason is that the labor cost is increasing rapidly. It was 100 yuan per kilo of raw materials. Now it's 300 yuan. 4.5 Jin of fresh leaves to make a jin of tea, you can calculate the cost. Excluding the cost of hand-made, the overall cost of spring tea is very high. Therefore, the rising cost determines that the overall price of tea is stable and rising. Fifth, there will be more and more sales channels. Wechat and Pinyin go together to combine tea picking experience tourism with tea purchasing.

5. How to develop spring tea industry in China

The main problem is to expand the crowd market and improve the overall efficiency. From the development of tea industry, we should develop modern tea industry. It is to develop mechanized and intelligent tea industry. Control labor cost. Improve production efficiency. In addition, we should develop good spring tea that can be consumed by the public. Cultivate good spring tea brand. We should know that the pursuit of fame, excellence, specialty, earliness and propriety is right for the short-term interests of enterprises, but we should not pursue too much. Reduce excessive packaging and realize civilian market strategy. In addition, we should combine the production of spring, summer and autumn tea to improve the efficiency of tea enterprises.

6. The state has many policies to promote the development of tea industry

Tea industry is the characteristic industry of Rural Revitalization. When inspecting Fujian, General Secretary Xi said that we should do a good job in tea industry, tea culture and tea technology. In rural revitalization, high-quality tea seedlings, high-quality tea processing, export, industrial clusters, tea industry to promote the construction of characteristic towns, characteristic villages, "one village, one product" have the corresponding project support.









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