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  The history of tea in china can be traced back to Three Thousand years ago. Tea had been used for the "Offer Sacrifices" to Gods or the ancestors. 

The Chinese Legend


"Tea Scripture" by Luyn of Tyang dynasty, written around 758 AD was the first monograph on tea in the world.

According to some Tea was forst found in "Bohea Hills" in the province of Fuksen while others claim that the plant was first found in the "Szechwan Province".

Chinese Tea Statistics

Production (1998): 665,030MT


Share in world production (1998): 22.5%

Area under Tea(1998): 1,0565,000 hectare

Green tea production: 480,211 MT

Export (1998):217434 MT

Export of Chinese Tea

More than  3000 years ago Chinese started exporting tea and established trade relationships with over 30 countries in the middle east, South East Asia, West and East Europe. China was the biggest Tea Exporting country during the end of the last century. 

During the last fifty years share of China in the world export market and its domestic consumption grew sharply.

Topography & Cultivation

Tea plant is distributed in wide are in the China ranging from north latitude 18-37¦, east longitude 94-122¦ and the vertical distribution ranging from 100 m above sea level to an elevation of 2,600 m. The tea area in China is divided into four areas :

The southern areas, the south-west tea areas, The outh of Chang Jiang tea area and the north of changjiang tea area. The four major tea-producing provinces i.e. Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Anhui together account for 60% of the national output.

Chinese Tea

1. Green Tea

Green Tea Occupies the most important position in Chinese Tea Industry. China itself accounts for 90% of the world Green Market. 

Types of green tea

Dong Yang Dong Bai: Note for its flowery bouquet, its smooth long lasting and its clear liquor.

Lung Ching: This is famous for its stimulating quality and helps keep the mind clear. Its exquisite flavor and delicate aroma are perfect any time of the day.

Pi Lo Chun: Ideal for grand occasions.

Silver Dragon: This tea owes its name to the silver down covering its leaves, whose shape suggests the silhouette of a dragon. It produces a light, limpid liquor of intense aroma and sweet taste and ideal for day-time tea.

2. Black Tea

Black tea is the most popular tea in the world. In china black tea is almost 31.5% of its total tea production.

Keemun: Its has a light flowery, sweet flavor with an orchid aroma.

Lapsang Souchong: It has a distinct smoky flavor produced by withering of leaves over open fires of pine.

Yunnan: This tea from the southern part of the country have similarities with the Assam Tea.

3. Oolong Tea

This is produced only in China. With a special and duplicated production method, this tea is a semi-fermented tea with a special flowery aroma. China exports oolong tea to Japan here it is very popular.

4. White Tea

A light fermented tea, primarily made in Fujian province with a small yield. This is call White Tea as the tea is made from fresh leaves selected with many white hairs.

5. Yellow Tea

The quality characteristic of the tea is that the dry tea and tea infusion are both in yellow color. The yield of this tea is very low.