How to import Chinese tea
from China

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How to import tea from china?










YDYXDK-40III Automatic High-speed

Packaging Machine




1.Imported Touch-Screen, PLC and Servo-Motors controller are adopted, all operations can be done via the display screen with the machine. Realize the man-machine dialogue and makes the operation easier.

2. Special feeding structure design, adopted the free-fall feeding way rather the traditional projectile motion feeding way to avoid the throwing phenomenon of the materials and make the measure more accurate and make the materials packed by this machine conform to the Hygienic standard. Also, it is very easy to clean after using the machine.

3. High-technology heat seal structure processing technic makes the bag more neat, gas-tight and flat etc.

4. Cutting Knife Plugin System with independent intellectual property rights, developed and researched independently by our company makes the cutting knife adjustment more convenient and safer for the operator, it is ok to adjust the position of the cutter by turning thehandle with the machine slightly

5.Cutter and roller separating technology of the easy-tear mouth make the adjustment of the easy tear-mouth convenient and flexible.

6.Frequency Conversion Motor is adopted by this machine to adjust the speed which makes the noise of the machine lower and assured the performance of the machine, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of employing.




Bag size L(L)50-120mm/W(W)40-90mm
Max Capacity


Max Filling range


Form of seal


Three side seal/Four side seal