How to import Chinese tea
from China

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How to import tea from china?






































































Who and where to use the extracting products of ours?

Art No. Product Name Image

Effect and use

E01 Decaffeinated Tea  







E04  Catechin  
E05 Tea saponin  


Tea Polysaccharide


E07 Caffeine





E09 Anthocyanin


E10 L-Theanine



Polyphenon E

Treat sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts


Diet drinks

Lipid-lowering diet



Lose weight


Health Food
Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-virus, anti-tumor, radiation, lipid-lowering diet, antibacterial anti-inflammatory and other health functions



Heart and brain health

With the clearing head, refreshing brain,Huazhuo lipid-lowering effect of cardiovascular disease with high fibrinogen and atherosclerotic disease, cancer radiotherapy, chemotherapy-induced leukopenia have preventive effects. Can be used for dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigue, fatigue, lack of energy, memory loss embolism


L-Theanine extract

Depression, anxiety, relaxation, calm and soothe the nerves, enhance immunity, enhance memory, protect liver, prevent PMS


Theaflavins extract

Lowering health care products


Catechin cigarettes

Imitation smoke-free nicotine absorption-type products, a large number of exports to the U.S. to become the new darling of non-nicotine cigarettes

E19 Catechin air filter

That has antibacterial, antifungal, deodorizing, removing formaldehyde, methyl mercaptan, the role of free radicals such as new air conditioning

E20 Paste containing catechin phone radiation

Effectively enhance the effect of mobile phone radiation posted

E21 Car air fresheners

Eliminate car smell, scavenging free radicals and harmful gases, greatly improve the air quality inside

E22 Textiles containing green tea polyphenols

Significant antibacterial, deodorizing effect, is ideal for prevention and treatment of athlete's foot products

E23 Tea health Pillow

Not only efficient removal of odor, and can calm nerves, improve sleep quality

E24 Tea chewing gum

Chewing gum, green tea extract rich in polyphenols, can effectively eliminate free radicals, have fresh breath, lipid-lowering diet, soothing beauty. After-market, popular with consumers, led the new trend of chewing gum

E25 Mint green tea tablets  
E26 Tea saponin

widely used in shampoos and hair care products, make hair soft and glossy, with the characteristics of safe and efficient

E27 Tea Perfume Both fresh and elegant fragrance, but also the performance of anti-beauty, popular young fashion family love
E28 Tea Skin Care Anti wrinkles, eliminate melasma, and other effects of skin whitening cream, facial mask, and other new beauty products, very popular in the international market
E29 Tea Toothpaste Antibacterial anti-inflammatory, anti-caries decay, freckle detergent, fresh breath effect, is ideal for maintaining dental health
E30 Tea Food To the development of tea extracts tea as the raw material sugar, tea fruit, tea, snacks, tea chocolate, tea moon cake, tea biscuits, tea cakes, tea, noodles and other food
E31 Upstart -- tea wine Tea wine is a characteristic flavor and nutrition and health care in one of the new multi-functional beverages. Both the fragrance of tea, but also the fragrance of the wine, but also regulate the body's metabolism, improve digestion, prevent cardiovascular diseases
E32 Tea drinks  
E33 Tea marketing in North America  
E34 Bulk tea  
E35 Japanese tea drinks


E36 Broken black tea (LTP)